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The Audio Track brings the industry's top professionals to share their knowledge and experience from the real-world, addressing these unique problems: aesthetic, technical, business, logistical and then some.

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Tomb Raider Rebooted: Audio Reimagined
Jack Grillo (Crystal Dynamics)
Alex Wilmer (Crystal Dynamics)
Tomb Raider has been recognized as one of the best-sounding games of 2013. In this talk, the audio team from Crystal Dynamics will explain how their dream of setting a new standard in immersive audio became a reality. Every angle will be covered, including dialogue, music, sound design and the technology behind it all. A dream such as this requires many groundbreaking processes in audio production. The creation of these processes is unpredictable at best and subject to resistance from many angles. The team will describe where they feel they succeeded and where they failed. Tomb Raider has given the audio team unique insight into the future of the industry. They will examine where they see potential for innovation on the road ahead.
Aural Immersion: Audio Technology in The Last of Us
Jonathan Lanier (Naughty Dog, Inc.)
In The Last of Us, immersive audio played a critical role in supporting the gameplay and story. The audio team was faced with difficult challenges: the immersion had to be believable, but subtle. It had to convey tactical information, but important dialogue and effects still had to be audible. Cinematic setups sometimes conflicted with standard audio models. Solutions required compromise and collaboration between sound design and technology. This talk examines how specific problems were solved, such as getting the environment to lead the player to or from tactically important areas, ensuring the audibility of important dialogue, adjusting the mix dynamically based on game state, and dealing with obstruction/occlusion issues. The emphasis is on successful implementation of immersive audio in a modern game using a synergy of sound design and technology, citing specific examples from The Last of Us.
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