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The Audio Track brings the industry's top professionals to share their knowledge and experience from the real-world, addressing these unique problems: aesthetic, technical, business, logistical and then some.

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Simulating the Race Day Experience: Mixing Forza Motorsport 6
Chase Combs (Turn 10 Studios)
Nick Wiswell (Turn 10 Studios)
Ask anyone who's been to a race day event to sum up the experience in one word and there's a good chance they'll all say the same thing: "LOUD." The roar of highly tuned engines screaming past, the reflections from surrounding structures, and the echoing in the distance all make up the aural chaos that is race day. But how do you simulate all of that to the player and still allow them to hear crucial audio feedback like tire noise that will either send them to the front of the pack or send them careening into a stack of tires? In this talk, Turn 10 Studios' Creative Audio Director, Nick Wiswell, and Audio Lead, Chase Combs, will discuss how the team approached the mix of the game, attempting to balance a dense sonic landscape with detailed audio feedback for players.