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The Audio Track brings the industry's top professionals to share their knowledge and experience from the real-world, addressing these unique problems: aesthetic, technical, business, logistical and then some.


Simulating the Race Day Experience: Mixing Forza Motorsport 6
Chase Combs (Turn 10 Studios)
Nick Wiswell (Turn 10 Studios)
Ask anyone who's been to a race day event to sum up the experience in one word and there's a good chance they'll all say the same thing: "LOUD." The roar of highly tuned engines screaming past, the reflections from surrounding structures, and the echoing in the distance all make up the aural chaos that is race day. But how do you simulate all of that to the player and still allow them to hear crucial audio feedback like tire noise that will either send them to the front of the pack or send them careening into a stack of tires? In this talk, Turn 10 Studios' Creative Audio Director, Nick Wiswell, and Audio Lead, Chase Combs, will discuss how the team approached the mix of the game, attempting to balance a dense sonic landscape with detailed audio feedback for players.
From Total War to Assassin's Creed: Music for Mobile Games
Winifred Phillips (Generations Productions LLC)
From Total War to Assassin's Creed: Music for Mobile/Handheld Games presents tips for crafting effective music for portable gaming. In addition to her many console and PC titles, composer Winifred Phillips' credits include seven portable games (Total War Battles: Kingdom, Assassin's Creed Liberation Vita, LittleBigPlanet Vita, Call of Champions, Clash of Kings, Speed Racer DS, Shrek the Third DS). Phillips will discuss the challenges in composing music for the booming mobile games industry. By examining the structure of portable game design, Phillips will explore the role that music plays during "on-the-go" gameplay. Phillips will discuss approaches that allow music to accentuate portable gameplay while maximizing aesthetic impact and player enjoyment. Through examples from both her own projects and other well-known titles, Phillips will address technical issues of audio fidelity and dynamic implementation, offering solutions that expand the utility of music in portable titles.
Slavic Adaptation of Music in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
Marcin Przybylowicz (CD PROJEKT RED)
Mikolai Stroinski (Freelance)
During this lecture both composers of the "Witcher 3: Wild Hunt" - Marcin Przybyowicz and Mikolai Stroinski will cover the following aspects of the critically acclaimed game's soundtrack including: music design's influence on narration in the latest installment of Geralt's saga, beautiful ugliness of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt soundtrack, and redefining musical standards for The Witcher franchise - incorporating slavic folk music with modern approach to scoring - something that hasn't been done before.
The Gothic Horror Music of "Bloodborne"
Peter Scaturro (SCEA)
Jim Fowler (Sony Computer Entertainment Europe)
Penka Kouneva (Kouneva Studios)
Bloodborne is a 2015 horror-action RPG directed by Hidetaka Miyazaki (Demon's Soul and Dark Souls), developed by From Software (Japan) and published exclusively on PS4. The game music has received broad critical acclaim for its singular, intense Gothic horror sound performed by large orchestra, choir, soloists, percussion and utilizing extended orchestral techniques. This lecture will examine the musical style and orchestral approaches in the score. We will discuss the dissonant harmony, the horror-inspired melodic gestures, the "wall of sound" approaches and the blood-curdling action music. We will show how the challenging choral writing and the extended orchestral techniques evoked the desperate, disease-plagued City of Yharnam. We will also discuss how the orchestration helped unify the "sound" and aesthetics while working with a multi-cultural creative team (three Japanese staff composers at From Software, and three US guest composers). Additionally, the lecture will examine the communication and logistical challenges inherent with teams based across three continents, and strategies to promote successful musical productions.