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Join the game industry's top audio professionals to share knowledge and experience from the real-world addressing audio's unique aesthetic, technical, business, and logistical problems. To choose from all Audio sessions in GDC Summits, [email protected] and other GDC Conference Tracks, register for an All Access pass, which also allows you to view sessions online in the GDC Vault through March 2019.

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Audio Track Conference Highlights (W-F)

The Audio Journey of 'Rocket League': From Side Project to Blockbuster
Michael Ault (Psyonix)
C Paul Johnson (Trigger Volume, Inc.)
Michael Sechrist(Bungie)
The audio and soundtrack of 'Rocket League' is unlike few others in the gaming industry today, and it is now quite different from what the Psyonix team launched with in July 2015. This session will take attendees through the history and development of the audio in 'Rocket League', and focus on supporting not only a games-as-service model, but a title that is continuously evolving and growing to the next tier. The talk will also cover the help and hurt of various ways of approaching music and sound design based upon game types.
'Destiny 2': Linear Music in an Open World
Skye Lewin (Bungie)
C Paul Johnson (Trigger Volume, Inc.)
Michael Sechrist(Bungie)
When designing the score and musical approach for 'Destiny 2', the audio team confronted the challenges of scope and scale that have become familiar to developers of open world games. In this session, the speakers will talk about how their team tackled those challenges while maintaining their quality bar, minimizing repetition, and maintaining dramatic linearity in their score.
Reinventing the Sound for 'Call of Duty: WWII'
David Swenson (Sledgehammer Games)
How do you go about reinventing the audio experience for a well-established game like 'Call of Duty'? How do you make the audio sound fresh, next-gen and state of the art in the 14th installment of a franchise? The answers to these questions may surprise you. Learn how Sledgehammer Games employed some unorthodox methods to create an all new sound for 'Call of Duty'.
A Matter of Music Design: Driving Gameplay with Music
Eric Hamel (Worthing & Moncrieff)
Across the board, game audio communicates important information to the player. Music plays a crucial role in communicating a sense of place, pacing and an emotional tone. But what if the music in a game communicated more than that? What if it also provided information on which the player could act? This presentation offers a unique look at designing the system of a musical score to drive game-play. By coordinating with the team's game designer and structuring elements of the music to synergize with story and/or game data, the composer can utilize music to communicate helpful information to the player and enhance the gaming experience. Using the design of the game soundtracks for W&M's 'A Matter of Murder', and 'Austen Translation' this lecture will explore how music provides the attentive player an advantage during play.
How Sound Tells the Story of 'Night in the Woods'
Emily Halberstadt (A Shell in the Pit, Sound Designer)
Sound design is more than just matching sounds to game objects. It's about thinking from a narrative perspective and situating the player in the place and time of the game world. 'Night in the Woods' is based on environment, with the audio working in conjunction with each scene to make the player feel as though they are there. It mimics the liveliness one would find in real life, existing in a dimension of time as well as space. In this talk, Emily will demonstrate how she designed the sound to reach further than a static ambiance, by showing a detailed run through of implementation. She will talk about how to go beyond the expectations and ideas of the developers, contributing to the world instead of simply reacting to it.
Composing an Interactive Musical: Lessons Learned from Creating 'Figment'
Niels Sorensen (Bedtime Digital Games)
Game and Audio designer Niels Hojgaard Sorensen will talk about his experiences from creating the audio side of 'Figment'. The talk will give an insight into the practical approaches and tricks used to create the game's surreal, musical world as well as touch upon the thoughts behind to game's unique blend of exploration and interactive music/sound.

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Audio Bootcamp XVII (T)
Ramp up, brush up, and get a leg up on a broad range of major themes relating to creating sound for games. Delivered by industry experts speaking to their own experiences and practical skills relating to music composition, sound design, digital signal processing, audio mixing, career development, the logistics of working in both large and small studio settings, and more.

Talks cater to both the audience with multiple games under their belt looking to expand their awareness and knowledge of other fields, as well as to those new to and curious about just how the noise actually makes it out of the speakers. And the lunchtime surgeries offer a unique opportunity to sit and meet with many of the speakers in a small-scale setting to talk about the specific interactive audio topics that are at top of attendees' minds.

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