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The Business & Marketing Track seeks to educate and inform developers about the business of game development and ways in which their business can be improved.


Lifetime Value: The Long Tail of Mid-Core Mobile Games
Tammy Levy (Kongregate)
Are you maximizing the LIFE in lifetime value? Using genre-specific predictive models developed from the Kongregate portfolio, we demonstrate how and why post D30 retention can be key to increase your revenue. Through case studies you'll learn strategies to boost both early and late revenue, as well as game core loop modifications to drive better player investment in the long run.
Advanced Entrepreneurship: Avoiding Total Studio Disaster
Jason Della Rocca(Execution Labs)
Everyone generally agrees that entrepreneurship is an important thing, but what does that mean in the context of the business of games and running a studio? Being an entrepreneur means way more than just being willing to do the "business stuff". In many ways, taking entrepreneurship more seriously and adopting advanced techniques will give you a leg up. While nothing can guarantee success, taking a more advanced approach to entrepreneurship will certainly help you avoid shooting yourself in the foot and prevent total disaster. Topics covered will range from leadership skills, funding, studio vision and roadmap, marketing strategies, pitching approach, and mental state. Having invested in over 20 studios, concrete lessons will be shared from backing these entrepreneurial teams.
VR Market 2017: Data and Insights
Patrick Walker (EEDAR)
After a long road of hype and false starts, 2016 was the year high-quality consumer VR became a reality. In this talk, EEDAR's Patrick Walker, presents data and insights from the first 12 months of consumer VR and the launch of multiple major VR platforms. What's worked and what hasn't worked in the first 12 months for Oculus, the Vive, and PSVR? What are the attitudes, opinions, and behaviors of both early adopters and gamers who are still on the fence? What do these answers tell them about the path to mainstream VR? These questions will be explored through consumer and sales data from a variety of sources, including their monthly global consumer tracker, PlayerPulse, and the EEDAR game database.