GDC 2017 | February 27 — March 3, 2017 | Moscone Convention Center | San Francisco, California


Take a trip behind the scenes with the creators of some of the most innovative games of their time. Discover the lessons learned by the makers of these landmark game titles and find inspiration in understanding what it took to bring these games to life.


Classic Game Postmortem: 'Deus Ex'
Warren Spector (OtherSide Entertainment)
Warren Spector, the veteran game designer best known for his work at influential studios like Origin Systems and Ion Storm Austin, is coming to GDC 2017 to present a Classic Game Postmortem on the pioneering game 'Deus Ex'. Spector directed development of 'Deus Ex', the critically-acclaimed cyberpunk "immersive sim" released in 2000 that achieved critical acclaim, commercial success, and influence over a generation of game developers. He went on to oversee development of its sequel as studio director of Ion Storm Austin before departing to found Junction Point, the Disney-backed studio where he oversaw development of 'Epic Mickey' 1 & 2. After leaving Junction Point, he joined the University of Texas at Austin, where he helped create the Denius-Sams Gaming Academy. Spector recently returned to game development by joining up with Otherside Entertainment, where he leads production of 'System Shock 3'. Now he's coming to GDC 2017 to recount the development of 'Deus Ex', reflect on his experience, and share key lessons learned from the project. Don't miss it!
Classic Game Postmortem: 'Seaman'
Yutaka Saito (Independent)
Bruce Shelley (Independent)
Yutaka "Yoot" Saito, the talented game designer known for his idiosyncratic approach to game development, will be delivering a Classic Game Postmortem on his remarkable Dreamcast game 'Seaman' at GDC 2017! Saito's game development career took off in the early '90s when he created the game that was published by Maxis as 'SimTower', but it was after he founded his own studio Vivarium that he really came into his own. Under the Vivarium banner, Saito developed the groundbreaking virtual pet game 'Seaman' (lending his own face to the titular Seaman), its striking sequel 'Seaman 2', the pinball strategy game 'Odama', and the airport baggage management puzzle game 'Aero Porter'. Now, Saito is coming to GDC 2017 to speak at length about his work creating 'Seaman', a game that left an indelible mark on the fabric of both the game industry and pop culture at large. Don't miss it!
'Sid Meier's Civilization'
Sid Meier (Firaxis Games)
Bruce Shelley (Independent)
Sid Meier and Bruce Shelley, a pair of game industry luminaries who have together shaped the history of video and board game development through their work on everything from 'Railroad Tycoon' to 'Age of Empires', will be presenting a Classic Game Postmortem on their groundbreaking game, 'Sid Meier's Civilization', at GDC 2017! The pair worked closely together at MicroProse on many notable projects, but it was in 'Civilization' that Shelley's background in board game design and Meier's history of sim game development blended together perfectly, leading to the creation of what is perhaps the biggest and longest-running strategy game franchise in the world. Now, Meier and Shelley will take the stage at GDC 2017 to deliver an earnest postmortem of their work conceiving, designing and developing 'Civilization'. The game and its sequels have influenced a generation of game makers; don't miss your chance to hear how it all began.
Oregon Trail
Don Rawitsch
Oregon Trail began as a mainframe-based game invented by three prospective teachers in Minnesota. Due to its simulation of historical events, its early use of putting the player into a story, and its unique game model for the time, Oregon Trail became a classroom favorite, first in Minnesota, and then nationwide in the U.S and beyond as it was converted to the initial generation of personal computers and enhanced over time. Don Rawitsch will discuss the serendipitous invention of the game, its simulation model, how it maintained popularity for a period of over 20 years, and its influence on other educational software. In 2016, Oregon Trail became the first educational game inducted into the World Video Game Hall of Fame of the Strong National Museum of Play in Rochester, NY.

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