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Classic Games Postmortem

Take a trip behind the scenes with the creators of some of the most innovative games of their time. Discover the lessons learned by the makers of these landmark game titles and find inspiration in understanding what it took to bring these games to life.

2018 Classic Game Postmortems

Classic Game Postmortem:
'Ultima Online'
Raph Koster (Independent)
Starr Long (Portalarium)
Richard Garriott de Cayeux (Portalarium)
Kal Ort Por! The death of Lord British. Simulated ecologies. Playerkillers. The Bank of Britain. City sieges. Weddings. Sports events. Players who were orcs. Living the Virtues. In September 2018, we marked the 20th anniversary of the launch on Ultima Online, the pioneering massively multiplayer RPG that changed online gaming forever. Join three key members of the team as they talk about the things that went wrong and right: Richard Garriott de Cayeux, the legendary Lord British and producer on the game; Starr Long, the original director; and Raph Koster, the creative lead.

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