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Learn how to inspire, build and maintain user loyalty and enthusiasm through the ups and downs of community opinion and adoption in the Community Management Summit on Tuesday, March 20, 2018. Hear industry experts share case studies and postmortems on cutting edge community management strategies and learn tips to align your community's needs and interests with your company's goals.

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Managing Your Community's Mental Health: Where's the Line?
Jennifer Hazel (CheckPoint)
Community managers encounter all sorts of people. It is highly probable that many of them will exhibit personality vulnerabilities and mental health issues. They may be faced with challenging behaviors, or even become surrogate therapists. This talk, led by psychiatric clinician Dr. Jennifer Hazel (founder of CheckPoint), will explore some of the common ways that personality disorders and mental health issues may confront community managers. It will then discuss how to feel confident setting boundaries, and cover important advice for self-care when dealing with emotional labor.
Bridging Community Divides in Cross-Platform MMOs
Eric Cleaver (NetEase Games)
EM Stock (NetEase Games)
Linda Carlson (Trion Worlds, Inc.)
Ted Stone (Daybreak Games Company)
John Bergman (Guild Software, Inc.)
All MMO communities are not created equal. These days many MMOs span multiple platforms. Some are available on console and PC, others hit PC and mobile, still others hit all three. Community behaviors, needs and wants can differ drastically depending on the platforms they're playing on, and it's up to community managers to speak to players in a language that translates across platforms. Hear veteran community managers of cross-platform MMOs discuss universal unwritten rules of community engagement, nuances based on platform, and pitfalls of not being on top of your community game (pun intended). 

Community Management Summit Advisors

Nova Barlow
Microsoft (Experis)
A diverse and strategic community manager with 17+ years of experience, content management strategist, and game industry researcher, she has worked both inside and outside the game industry developing a versatile skill set well suited to many job descriptions including project and content management. She has made a career long journey of making people her "business", and frequently volunteers her time to groups and causes dear to her heart, and is a current member of the EarthGames Advisory team at the University of Washington. She is a highly vocal member of #TeamPancake.
Troy Hewitt
uGen World
In the business of community building for two decades, Troy's passion for uniting people began during his 7 years as the community connections director for the YMCA. An avid gamer, he transitioned to the digital world where he's served as director of communications for Motiga, producer and director of community at NCSOFT's Carbine Studios, at Flying Lab Software, and online community events manager for Monolith/Warner Brothers. Troy is now co-founder and director of communications and connections at the new startup, uGen World.
Saralyn Smith
Blizzard Entertainment
Saralyn Smith leads global community development at Blizzard Entertainment. She served on support teams for Blizzard titles including 'Overwatch'; 'World of Warcraft: Mists of Panderia', 'Warlords of Draenor', and 'Legion'; 'Hearthstone'; 'StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm' and 'Legacy of the Void'; 'Diablo III' and the expansion 'Reaper of Souls'. Over the last decade she has led teams dedicated to community relationship management, digital content and new media, grassroots marketing, customer social support and self-service, and now community development. Saralyn grew up on the East Coast and has a master's degree in organizational behavior from the University of Hartford in Connecticut. She also played beach volleyball professionally for nine years and loves discussing the intersection of traditional sports and competitive gaming.

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