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|    Game Design

Creating compelling, immersive games requires understanding, visualizing, demonstrating, and tuning the interactions of an ever-increasing number of game tools and systems. While game designers need to understand and exploit the possibilities of new technologies such as realistic physics, facial expressions, and lighting techniques; they must also continue to master the traditional disciplines of drama, game play, and psychology.

The Design Track explores the challenges and ramifications of the interaction between new technologies and established techniques.

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Crimewatch 2.0: Redesigning EVE Online's Policing System
Matthew Woodward (CCP Games)
Game designer Matt Woodward explores how "Crimewatch," EVE Online's policing and aggression management system, got into such a bad state that an unofficial moratorium was placed on further development - and how his team went about redesigning it. This case study covers the history of the system, and walks through the development process, covering initial research, core design, adjustments necessitated by legacy features and player feedback, and how the redesign fared post-release. Special attention is given to the core design, using practical examples to illustrate the underlying design flaws of the original system, isolate the mistakes that led to them, and explain the reasoning that underpins the replacement system - and how that reasoning can be generalized to other designs.
How to Turn a New Leaf at the Animal Crossing
Katsuya Eguchi (Nintendo Co.)
Aya Kyogoku (Nintendo Co.)
Nintendo has many globally popular franchises. One of them, Animal Crossing, is now 12 years old. Like many other Nintendo franchises, the latest Nintendo 3DS iteration has been played both by people who enjoyed the original game as well as their children! Animal Crossing: New Leaf uses network communication to build upon the first Nintendo 64 game's mission of "encouraging communication among different players." Mr. Katsuya Eguchi and Ms. Aya Kyogoku, the respective producer and director of Animal Crossing: New Leaf, will discuss the different approaches they tried to develop ideas that would take advantage of the environment surrounding players so that the franchise would always provide both old and new consumers with something fresh and appealing, while keeping the franchise true to its original uniqueness.
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