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GDC Developer Days provide immersive learning experiences lead by thought leaders from the industry's top companies. Attendees partake in a full day of sessions on topics most relevant to them, coming away with invaluable lessons.

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Please note: this information refers to GDC 2014, check back for updates.

Amazon Developer Day (Presented by Amazon)

session Location: Room 302, South Hall
Date: Tuesday, March 18
Time: 10:00am-6:00pm


10:00 – 10:30am Introduction
The Amazon Developer day GDC 2014 is the place for game developers to learn the best ways to architect games for maximum engagement and profitability. Sessions will feature real world case studies as well as insights from our technical evangelists with content designed to drive your success. Whether you are building your backend, designing a new game, extending to a new platform, analyzing player behavior, or exploring new revenue streams, you will find valuable tools, strategies and solutions.

10:30 – 11:30am AWS Architecture
Nate Wiger, Principal Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services
Mobile, AAA, and MMO game companies alike are leveraging AWS to build cost-effective, scalable online games. Learn how game studios are using AWS services such as Elastic Beanstalk, DynamoDB, Amazon S3, CloudFront, and ElastiCache to build online games that can scale from 1,000 to 1,000,000 users, while paying only for what they use. Finally, we'll share some thoughts about the future of cloud gaming based on trends we're seeing worldwide.

11:45am – 12:45pm Game Analytics
Nate Wiger, Principal Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services
Free to play is now the standard for mobile and social games. But succeeding in free-to-play is not easy: You need in-depth data analytics to gain insight into your players so you can monetize your game. Learn how to leverage new features of AWS services such as Elastic MapReduce, Amazon S3, Kinesis, and Redshift to build an end-to-end analytics pipeline. Plus, we'll show you how to easily integrate analytics with other AWS services in your game.

12:45 – 1:45pm Engaging Your Audience with Mobile Push Notifications (w/lunch)
Jon Turow, Senior Product Manager, Amazon Web Services
Mike Pesce, Senior Manager, Amazon
Mobile push notifications are a fast and universal way to engage and retain players. Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS) provides one simple API for fast, reliable, scalable, inexpensive push notifications to Apple, Google, and FireOS devices. Customers have seen up to a 100% increase in player engagement, and have reduced cost by 60%, with Amazon SNS. In this session we'll cover how to use Amazon SNS to publish cross-platform notifications and then, architectures and techniques for utilizing game data to send the right message, to the right player, at the right time.

1:45 – 2:30pm Amazon AppStream – New Gaming Experiences Using the Clouds for Game Streaming
Collin Davis, GM of Amazon AppStream, Amazon
Ian Vogel, Head of Game Design, Amazon
In this session you'll see how AppStream, Amazon's low latency application streaming service, can help you create new compelling gaming experiences across many platforms. We will detail how one team used the flexible platform to remove device constraints and enable new gameplay experiences. You'll see a tablet demo that exhibits a massive scale and streams from AWS to the tablet to create one single "hybrid" game that goes beyond what you could do on a tablet alone.

2:30 – 3:30pm What's Working in In-App Monetization
Mike Hines, Developer Evangelist, Amazon
In this session we'll share data and tips that Amazon has gathered from the top 50 revenue-generating apps that use IAP. Then we'll look at some innovative mobile ad ideas and explore the re-discovered future of in-app monetization…e-commerce.

3:30 – 4:30pm A/B Testing with Air Patriots
Paul Cutsinger, Developer Evangelist, Amazon
Russell Carroll, Senior Producer, Amazon
A/B Testing is about using data to challenge assumptions and test new ideas, often leading to increased engagement and monetization. In addition to showing you the latest cross-platform testing services at your disposal, we'll discuss the "happy accident" that the Air Patriots team made. It was unexpected and led to an increase in both retention and monetization.

4:45 – 5:45pm HTML5 Apps with Kano/Apps
Jesse Freeman, Developer Evangelist & Kano/Apps, Amazon
Join us as we explore the current and potential future landscape of HTML5 games with our guest speakers from KANO/APPS, makers of Mob Wars: La Cosa Nostra, Zombie Slayer and more. We'll discuss how they transformed the iconic Flash game Free Rider into a thriving online HTML5 destination. We'll also demonstrate how Amazon enables publishing these kinds of HTML5 games to the Kindle Fire.

Google Developer Day (Presented by Google)

session Location: Room 3014, West Hall
Date: Tuesday, March 18
Time: 10:00am-6:00pm

Join the Google team at our biggest-ever GDC Developer Day! An incredible lineup of content awaits, designed to boost your brain into the stratosphere of gaming excellence. Come meet the developer advocates, engineers and product managers of the Google products that drive users, engagement and retention for your games. Get the lowdown on the very latest ad innovations to grow your revenue. And did we mention there'll be talks from the YouTube and Glass teams too?


10:00-10:15am Developer Day Kick-Off

10:15-10:45am Growth Hacking with Play Games
Greg Hartrell, Product Manager, Google Play Games, Google
Dan Galpin, Developer Advocate, Android, Google
Let's look at how you can harness the incredible growth of Google Play Games to rapidly expand the user base of your game, and how Play Games assists in discovery, engagement and retention.

10:45-11:15am Engaging Your Entire Community
Todd Kerpelman, Developer Advocate, Play Games, Google
Your player community is stronger when they can all play together. So why are you needlessly dividing them up into arbitrary groups across screens and devices? Let's look at how Google Play Games is letting all of your players play together as one big happy family.

11:15-11:30am Break

11:30-12:00pm Making Money on Google Play: Best Practices in Monetization
Bob Meese, Business Development, Games, Google
To be successful, you need to learn from the best. This talk will review commercially successful games on Google Play and common themes they share.

12:00-12:30pm Grow Your Game Revenue with AdMob
AdMob Product Team
Google advertisers spend more ad dollars in games than any other type of app! Discover how you can maximize your game's earnings with awesome ads and recent innovations from AdMob.

12:30-1:20pm Lunch

1:20-1:45pm Okay Glass, Play a Game

1:45-2:15pm The Next Level of In-game Advertising
Marc Theermann, Head of Mobile Platform Sales, Google
Ever wonder how the mobile ads ecosystem works and how ads reach your game's inventory? Join us to learn the inner workings of programmatic and direct sales advertising, including an overview of the tools you can use to take your in-game advertising revenue to the next level.

2:15-2:30pm Break

2:30-3:00pm From Players to Customers: Tracking Revenue with Google Analytics
Rahul Oak, Product Manager, Google
Snehal Thakkar, Software Engineer, Google
Mike Kwong, Software Engineer, Google
What makes your players spend in your game? Who are your high value users and how do they play your game? Learn how Google Analytics can help you find the insights for the users that matter the most for you.

3:00-3:30pm Take Your Users to the Next Level
Lukas Bergstrom, Product Manager, Google
Neil Rhodes, Software Engineer, Google
Small tweaks to your game can result in significant revenue increase. However you cannot rely only on personal opinions; hypotheses need to be confirmed by users. In this session you will learn how to use Google SDKs to control experiments and configuration without shipping a new version of your app.

3:30-4:00pm Build Games that Scale in the Cloud
Chris Elliott, Solutions Architect, Cloud, Google
Your game is a living, breathing creation that takes a lot of time and attention even after launch. So why worry about your technical infrastructure? Come hear how to build games that scale that run on Google's state-of-the-art infrastructure.

4:00-4:20pm Coffee Break

4:20-4:35pm Looking to the Future
Noah Falstein, Chief Game Designer, Google

4:35-5:00pm From Box2D to Liquid Fun: Just Add Water-like Particles!
Wolff Dobson, Developer Programs Engineer, Google
LiquidFun, Google's new extension to Box2D, adds realistic fluid physics to any game. We'll show how it works, and explore how it can enliven your next game with gooey, sticky, powdery, or jelly-like fun!

5:00-5:25pm Bringing the Power of YouTube to your Games
The YouTube Product Team, Google

5:25-5:45pm Texture Wranglin' : Getting your Android Game Assets Under Control
Colt McAnlis, Games Developer Advocate, Google
Bloated APKs make customers sad, and with >60% of sizes coming from textures, it's easy to see the culprit. Get your texture footprint back under control. This talk will focus on advanced processing techniques to reduce PNG sizes; Migration to GPU formats, as well as WEBP; and advanced techniques for compressing sprite animations.

5:45-6:00pm Wrap Up
RJ Mical, Engineering Director, Google

The Tencent Gateway to the China Market (Presented by Tencent Games)

session Location: Room 3022, West Hall
Date: Tuesday, March 18
Time: 10:30am-5:30pm

Tencent America is pleased to sponsor Developer's Day at the 2014 GDC Conference! We're very excited to feature some of our business partners that we're currently working with in the West as well as in emerging markets. Come listen to our morning presentations from Tencent leaders in and outside of China and learn more about partnership opportunities, particularly in the mobile and free-to-play space. Throughout the day, you'll have a chance to pitch your games, network and meet with some of our operations groups. Our goal at Tencent is to be a leader in fostering great partnerships with talented developers in a rapidly growing game development and publishing ecosystem.


10:30-12:00 PM – Join Tencent for the below sessions:

Steve Gray, Executive in Charge of Production, Tencent America
Opening remarks and introduction to Tencent

Jameson Hsu, General Manager WeChat USA, Tencent America
Join this session to learn about the power of WeChat and how it can help your game reach a user base of over 400M people around the world. Get an overview of WeChat and see how it's changing the world of mobile games.

Cody Bye, President of ZAM
ZAM is the largest website network devoted to enhancing the experiences of online gaming communities. During the presentation, we'll discuss how developers can work with ZAM to improve player retention and engagement, lower CS costs, and allow players access to tools that will enrich how they play your game.

Matt Zitzmann, CEO & Founder, Kamcord
With Kamcord's SDK, developers can easily allow their players to record their gameplays and share them with friends. This functionality harnesses players' enthusiasm for a game to market it and drive downloads organically. Tencent has been instrumental from the earliest stages in Kamcord's success, providing key intros such as connecting Kamcord with Epic Games, which resulted in a partnership with the Unreal Engine 3.

12:00-5:30PM – Open networking session with Tencent Games partners and studios.

Unity Technologies Developer Day (Presented by Unity Technologies)

session Location: Room 2002, West Hall
Date: Tuesday, March 18
Time: 10:00am-6:00pm

Book your space at Unity Dev Day at GDC to hear about your latest opportunities with the Unity engine. Learn how to develop with Unity with greater confidence and efficiency. Some of our top developers including a co-developer of our much-anticipated new GUI system, and our Academy award winning Mecanim developer will be giving sessions that will help you gain a creative edge in your games and interactive content development.


David Helgason and Joachim Ante will give opening welcome to the Unity Developer Day.

Unity Cloud
Launching your mobile game with Unity Cloud - why we built it, why it's great for devs, and how to get going.

Physically Based Shading in Unity
Physically based approach and energy-conserving shading model enable artists to create high-quality materials in a time efficient manner without extensive tweaking and worry about wide range of possible lighting environments. In this talk we will discuss implementation details of Physically Based Shading in Unity.

Unity: Common 2D Issues and How to Solve Them
Our users have been making 2D games for many years on multiple different platforms. In Unity 4.3 we released native support for Sprites and related 2D workflows. In this session we are going to take a look on the most common issues our users have while making 2D games and some clever ways to overcome those difficulties.

12:30-1:00pm Break

Deploying Unity to the Web, Now and Future
In this talk we will go in depth on how to deploy Unity to the web using future deployment options using unity, and will discuss the technology and in-depth technical details to publish to the web using the unity engine and editor. We will provide a sneak peek to some yet unannounced deployment technology and provide more information on Unitys future regarding online deployment of game content.

Advanced Lighting Techniques in Unity
The Unity rendering pipeline is powerful yet flexible. It scales well from mobile games all the way up to cutting edge PC and next-gen console titles. To get truly stunning images and to achieve the desired atmosphere in your game it is important to understand how to get the best from the Unity lighting workflow and how to quickly iterate on lighting. This is an intermediate session which describes the lighting workflow in the Unity editor and players, also covering topics including: global illumination, physically based shaders and advanced lighting on mobile platforms.

Take a Tour of the New GUI System In Unity
The session ranges from introductory topics such as "Creating your first new Unity GUI" through to more advanced topics such as "Extending the component library". There will be time for QA during the session.

To Mecanim and Beyond!
The session, presented by one of the Mecanim founders, will cover advanced Mecanim features and techniques. State Machine Behavior, State Machine to State Machine transition, Direct Blend Tree, Root Motion and Pivot authoring and Animate all with Mecanim (bend shapes, material and 2d). All this integrated in a fun demo!

How To Boost Rendering Performance and Frame Rate in your Games with Umbra 3 Occlusion Culling Unity 4.3 includes a plethora of improvements. One of the completely re-implemented subsystems is occlusion culling developed by Umbra Software. Not only has the interface been simplified and the culling runtime itself revamped, a number of new features have also been added. Occlusion culling refers to eliminating all objects that are hidden behind other objects. This means that resources will not be wasted on hidden stuff, resulting in faster and better-looking games running at a high frame rate.
The talk will concentrate on giving an overview how the Umbra system works, how to get the best results and what kind of parameters you should use in your game to achieve the best possible rendering performance.

5:30-6:00pm Closing Remarks

UBM Tech