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Esports Day is a day-long series of panels and presentations focused on cultivating a competitive game's Esports ecosystem to attract and support professional players and teams, journalists, content creators, and grassroots player organizations. Join us and learn about growing your esports ecosystem alongside long-time developers, publishers, and esports community leaders!

2017 Highlighted Sessions

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eSports Day: Building eSports: Twitch, 'Rocket League', and 'H1Z1: King of the Kill'
Nick Allen (Twitch)
Chris Wynn (Daybreak)
This session contains two 30-minute talks. First, Twitch VP of eSports Nick Allen walks through Twitch's unique role in identifying the potential of 'Rocket League', helping build its grassroots eSports scene from the ground up, and nurturing it into a sustainable competitive ecosystem. Next, Chris Wynn of Daybreak will explain the key factors that the 'H1Z1: King of the Kill' team focused on early in the dev cycle to target the eSports market, simple game concept, emergent experiences for players and viewers, and building the community into the game's core, and go through the Daybreak team's hits and misses in the development and live management of an eSport.
eSports Day: We Failed at Publishing Competitive Games So You Don't Have To
Dave Lang (Iron Galaxy Studios)
eSports have done a lot to broaden the appeal of competitive games. As a developer and/or publisher is there anything you can do to capitalize on this growing trend? At Iron Galaxy, they attempted to take advantage of this emerging market by forming a "competitive games" publishing label, and while their efforts largely failed, they learned a lot in the process. This talk will get into their core takeaways from these failings by going over what they learned about the eSports market, sharing what they learned about marketing games to a competitive crowd, and even what to look for in the games you want to put out.

Esports Day Advisors

Patrick Miller
Patrick Miller is a game designer, writer, and editor based in the Bay Area, and he's currently working at Riot Games. He's also helped organize GDC's esports talks for three years now. Follow him on Twitter @pattheflip.
Frank Lantz
Frank Lantz is the Director of the NYU Game Center. He has been a professional game designer for over 20 years, creating a number of award-winning games at his studio Area/Code, including the Facebook game 'Parking Wars' and the popular puzzle game 'Drop7'. Frank's pioneering work on cross-media and real-world games has been widely influential and his writings on games, aesthetics and culture have appeared in a variety of publications.

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