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Skilled video game animators wield a unique blend of art, design and technical prowess to get the job done, and the Animation Bootcamp is at the forefront of sharing the relevant knowledge with developers everywhere. Bringing together a group of experienced and specialized animation experts across AAA and Indie, this tutorial is a day-long gathering to rally developers from all over the industry, with a focus on deeper discussions into the needs of strong character performances and player communication. The day will go through all facets of animation expertise: "traditional" focused talks on animation process, but also technical achievements, bite-sized tips and tricks, insight into animation culture, and how to best apply all that knowledge to game development. Through various tools and disciplines, this tutorial will show how the unique constraints and demands of game creation, are creating the need for not just great animators, but great game developers.

Animation Bootcamp takes place on Monday, March 19, 2018. Seating is on a first-come, first-served basis.

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Animation Bootcamp: High Resolution Pixel Art and Animation
Kyle Bunk (Firaxis Games)
This presentation will show the process of creating high-resolution pixel art with fluid and appealing motion for the purposes of game development. Kyle Bunk will go over a sprite animation from initial design to full animation and what principles to consider for your gameplay in between.
Animation Bootcamp: Bringing Life to the Machines of 'Horizon Zero Dawn'
Richard Oud (Guerrilla Games)
After more then a decade of making first person shooters, Guerrilla Games has undertaken the task to create an open-world action RPG in the form of 'Horizon Zero Dawn'. Richard was responsible for setting the style and fleshing out one of the game's greatest spectacles: the machines. This talk will discuss what it took for the team to create these beasts from scratch, and explain the process from pre-production and prototyping, all the way to the final polish of the characters, reference, motion style, workflow, animation-tech, AI behavior, and polish will all be covered in-depth for attendees.
Animation Bootcamp: 'God of War': Breathing New Life into a Hardened Spartan
Bruno Velasquez (Sony Interactive Entertainment)
The challenge was set forth to breathe new life and new perspective into the character of Kratos from the 'God of War' franchise. Join this session as Bruno Velazquez, animation director on the project, explains the challenges and animation methods used to breathe new life into the hardened Spartan. The session will focus on how the character had to be evolved for a new audience and how the animation process was a key component in achieving that goal. Examples will include the approach to Sony's narrative process as well as how they reinvented Kratos fighting animation style.
Animation Bootcamp: Animation Leadership: Teaching Your Team to Fish
Nick Chilano (Blizzard Entertainment)
With 12 years in development at Blizzard and 6 years as an Animation Lead, Nick Chilano felt that capturing what makes animating for Blizzard, specifically the 'Diablo' franchise, unique and challenging. Keeping a team small when creating hundreds of monster animations, multiple hero animations, and being able to lead a team responsibly means creating pillars and philosophies a team can rally behind and believe in. Nick will share with how he captured Blizzard's process, how it is applied, and the results they create.

Animation Bootcamp Organizers

Lana Bachynski
Lana Bachynski
Blizzard Entertainment
Animator for Blizzard Entertainment for Heroes of the Storm, co-founder of Tea Time Animation, AnimState contributor, and yo-yo aficionado. Her most notable works include animations for Chromie, Dehaka, Stukov, and Junkrat. Follow her on twitter @Latienie.
Michael Jungbluth
Michael Jungbluth
Mike Jungbluth is the Lead Animator at Volition on Agents of Mayhem. Past games include 'Elder Scrolls Online', 'Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor', 'Call of Duty: Black Ops', and 'Singularity'. He has talked at GDC, The Nordic Game Conference and Konsoll about advancing animation through game design, his writing has been featured on Gamasutra & and he is a co-creator of the AnimState network.

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