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Game animation has come into its own in recent years, forcing animators to wield a unique blend of art, design and technical prowess. The Animation Bootcamp is at the forefront of sharing that knowledge with developers everywhere. Bringing together a group of experienced and specialized animation experts, across AAA and Indie, this bootcamp is a daylong gathering to rally developers from all over the industry, with a focus on deeper discussions into the needs of strong character performances and player communication.

The day starts with more "traditional" focused talks on expected animation process but then throughout the day the focus will quickly transition into how to best apply that knowledge to game development. Through different tools and disciplines, the talks will show how the unique constraints and demands of games are creating the need for a new breed of animator.

2017 Highlighted Sessions

All Access, GDC Conference + Summits, or GDC Summits Pass required.

Animation Bootcamp: The First Person Animation of 'Overwatch'
Matthew Boehm (Blizzard Entertainment)
Each member of the diverse cast of heroes in 'Overwatch' has a lovingly crafted visual design and a distinct personality. How does one maintain this sense of character in a game primarily experienced through the first person? This talk dives into the artistic and technical challenges of creating personality in first person animation while staying true to the designer's intent for gameplay. How would McCree reload a revolver and can you do it in 45 frames?
Animation Bootcamp: Animating 'Uncharted 4': Workflow and Prototyping
Jeremy Yates (Naughty Dog)
Almudena Soria (Naughty Dog)
This presentation uncovers the methodologies used by Naughty Dog to bring the characters of 'Uncharted' to life. This talk will delve into the unique culture of Naughty Dog as well as uncover the animation pipeline from concept to console, including previs, their motion capture process, achieving seamless transitions, tracking assets, and communicating feedback. This talk will show how animation prototyping can play a very important role in development. Instead of waiting for design or programming to make decisions about a feature, animators can help to make those decisions easier by creating prototypes that help visualizing features. Prototypes from 'Uncharted 4' will be showcased.

Animation Bootcamp Advisors

Tim Borrelli
Tim has worked in the games industry for 18 years, previously for 5th Cell as animation & VFX Lead and for Volition, both as a Lead Animator and as the company's first Technical Animator. His work has included animation creation & direction, mocap direction & cleanup, and technical animation on game series such as 'Freespace', 'Summoner', 'Red Faction', and 'Saints Row', as well as the 'Scribblenauts' franchise and 'Hybrid', 5th Cell's Summer of Arcade title in 2012. His speaking experience includes running the Technical Animation Roundtable, Animation & Character Performance Roundtable, and speaking on animation related panels and talks at GDC and PAXDev. He is currently the Animation Director of First Strike Games, owns & operates Squats and Stretch Animation, a game animation outsource studio, and is a founding contributor to the AnimState network.
Michael Jungbluth
Mike Jungbluth is the Lead Animator at Volition on Agents of Mayhem. Past games include 'Elder Scrolls Online', 'Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor', 'Call of Duty: Black Ops', and 'Singularity'. He has talked at GDC, The Nordic Game Conference and Konsoll about advancing animation through game design, his writing has been featured on Gamasutra & and he is a co-creator of the AnimState network.

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