GDC | Audio Bootcamp XVII (Tutorial)

Audio Bootcamp XVII (Tutorial)

Learn about a broad range of themes related to creating sound for games in the Audio Tutorial on Tuesday, March 20, 2018. Industry experts will share experiences and practical skills for music composition, sound design, digital signal processing, audio mixing, career development, the logistics of working in both large and small studio settings, and more. Join attendees with multiple games under their belt as well as people new to the field. At lunch, you will have a unique opportunity to sit with many of the speakers in a small-scale setting to talk about interactive audio topics.

2017 Highlighted Sessions

All Access, GDC Conference + Summits, GDC Conference, or Audio Conference + Tutorial Pass required.

Audio Bootcamp XVI: Great Audio Design: By Any Means Necessary
Matthew Lee Johnston (Microsoft)
This is a talk about using activist tactics to combat bias against the most traditionally undervalued and underrepresented creative discipline in human history. The things Matthew has had to do to simply get parity treatment and production resources compared to his visually -oriented peers are unreasonable by any standard. In this presentation, he will prove this through storytelling using real examples from his career, and demonstrate that by being passionate about great audio design, and by caring deeply about the people you work with, you can make any experience more joyful, usable, and accessible with audio. You just need to change everyone around you first. Here's how.
Audio Bootcamp XVI: Approaching and Designing Audio for Interactive VR Applications
Sally Kellaway (Ossic)
Audio for virtual reality (VR) presents a significant array of challenges and augmentations to the traditional requirements of sound designers employed within the video game industry. The change in perspective and embodiment of the player requires the employment of additional software tools and consideration of object size, spacing and spatial design as a more significant part of the sound design process. This session will discuss approaching these tasks from the perspective of developing audio for all scales of interactive VR applications. Focusing on the design considerations and processes required in this unique medium, the content of this presentation is designed to give insight into the complexity of designing for this new medium, and potential pipeline and work flow approaches.

Audio Bootcamp Advisors

Scott Selfon
Scott Selfon is a Principal Software Engineering Lead in the Xbox Advanced Technology Group (ATG), where he manages developer consultancy, education, support and advocacy efforts across Microsoft gaming platforms and technologies. He is also ATG's senior audio specialist, helping composers, around designers, audio programmers and game designers with technical and creative challenges in developing sound for games. Scott has composed music for a wide range of media, including film, television, games and live performance and is a violist with the Puget Sound Symphony in Seattle. A member of the Game Audio Network Guild (G.A.N.G.) advisory board, Scott has been a faculty member of both the Pacific Northwest Film Scoring Program and the University of Southern California, has coordinated and lectured at the Game Developer's Conference Audio Boot Camp tutorial sessions for more than fifteen years, and has spoken at the conferences worldwide on audio, interactive entertainment and sound implementation techniques and technologies for interactive media. Scott is an alumnus of the University of Southern California, where he obtained dual degrees in music composition (film scoring emphasis) and computer engineering/computer science.
Damian Kastbauer
Damian Kastbauer is a combination of Atari 2600/ NES (channeled-through Commodore 64 SID-chip) games and (purple-mountain-majesty) guitar-noise caught listening for the secret synergy between passions resulting in crazy technical sound design focused fascination within the art of game audio implementation. He is currently living between the worlds of sound content and game engines, bridging the gap, as a Technical Audio Lead at Popcap working on 'Plants vs. Zombies 2' and 'Plants vs. Zombies Heroes'.

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