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Audio Bootcamp XVII (Tutorial)

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GDC Audio Bootcamp goes to 0x11 (that's 17 in hexadecimal) with a 17th year focused on the technical, creative and logistical topics needed to successfully navigate the field of sound for games. A range of industry experts will speak on their own experiences and practical skills relating to music composition, sound design, implementation, audio mixing, the logistics of working in both large and small studio settings, career development, and more. The lunchtime surgeries offer a unique opportunity to sit and meet with many of the speakers in a small-scale setting to talk about the specific interactive audio topics that are at top of attendees' minds.

Audio Bootcamp XVII takes place on Tuesday, March 20, 2018. Seating is on a first-come, first-served basis.

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Featured Sessions

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Audio Bootcamp XVII: A Composer's Guide to the Galaxy
Elvira Bjorkman (Two Feathers Studios)
If you've wished for some simple guidelines to improve as a composer or are intrigued to further develop your set of mind tools you use when creating music, this session is for you. In this talk Elvira Bjorkman promises to expand your world with her own 5 secret philosophies for composing that you won't find in any textbook or blog post. You'll be shown step by step how to improve your compositions from Concept A to Final_v5 with examples from various renowned games in different genres like: 'Aragami', 'Angry Birds 2', 'Toca: Life', 'Hammerwatch' and 'Apex Construct'. You'll hear stories about significant revelations on how these philosophies came about, see small movie clips from the actual composing process never shown before and get career advice on what composers of today need to think about if they want to reach the galaxy and beyond. This talk is aimed towards aspiring composers or any composer looking for new ways of thinking when creating music for games.
Audio Bootcamp XVII: Programming Composers and Composing Programmers
Victoria Dorn (Sony Playstation)
There seems to be more and more job postings for sound designers or composers which require (or would "desire") applicants to have some sort of programming knowledge. At the same time, there is also a pretty big need for more audio programmers in the game industry. So, what do you do? Learn. Composers and programmers are all here, and maybe have interests in both fields to some extent. So come take advantage of these interests and learn from one another to make game audio the best ever.
Audio Bootcamp XVII: Reel Talk
Kevin Regamey (Power Up Audio)
Matthew Marteinsson (Klei Entertainment)
Join Matthew Marteinsson and Kevin Regamey for a comprehensive exploration of impressive demo reels. Having reviewed 100+ demo reels over the past year on their weekly Twitch show "Reel Talk", Kevin and Matthew have seen many of the same problems over and over again. Most common of all, demos often paint an inaccurate picture, failing to effectively illustrate their creators' work history, talents and ambitions. Armed with custom-made "bad" demos and words of guidance from industry pros, the pair will break down and demonstrate precisely how to craft your reel...and perhaps more importantly, how not to.
Audio Bootcamp XVII: Talking about Talking: Recording and Producing Well Crafted Dialogue
Amanda Rose Smith (Independent)
This session will summarize techniques for making quality dialogue in games in an efficient way, from the recording process to the editing and mastering stages. The speakers will discuss topics such as using different microphones to simulate different environments (close up LDC, long range shotgun), recording techniques to minimize the tedium of file labeling and organization, getting performances that make sense in the non-linear game environment (script formatting and directing techniques) and mastering perceptual loudness to ensure that characters who are existing in the same scenes sound the same in terms of loudness and proximity.

Audio Bootcamp Organizers

Scott Selfon
Scott Selfon is the Audio Experiences Lead at Oculus, exploring the technical, creative, and design languages of sound for virtual and augmented reality. Prior to that, he was engaged in developer consultancy, education, and support efforts across three generations of the Xbox game console and broader Windows audio efforts at Microsoft. Scott has composed music for a wide range of media, including film, television, games and live performance and is a violist with the Puget Sound Symphony in Seattle. A member of the Game Audio Network Guild (G.A.N.G.) advisory board, Scott has been a faculty member of both the Pacific Northwest Film Scoring Program and the University of Southern California, has coordinated and lectured at the Game Developers Conference Audio Boot Camp tutorial sessions for more than fifteen years, and has spoken at the conferences worldwide on audio, interactive entertainment and sound implementation techniques and technologies for interactive media. Scott is an alumnus of the University of Southern California, where he obtained dual degrees in music composition (film scoring emphasis) and computer engineering/computer science.
Damian Kastbauer
Damian Kastbauer is a Technical Sound Designer and Audio Lead at ArenaNet working to help bridge the gap between audio content and game developers. Utilizing the functionality of game audio specific implementation authoring applications, his goal is to create dynamic sound interactions that leverage interactive techniques to make good sound and music content sound great.

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