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Monday, March 14 & Tuesday, March 15 2016

The Smartphone & Tablet Games Summit at GDC brings together top game developers from around the world to share ideas, discuss best practices, and consider the future of gaming on mobile platforms, including iOS, Android, Amazon, and more. This two day program will focus on the nuts and bolts of great game design and successful business strategies specifically tailored to popular smartphones & tablets.

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Design In Detail: Controlling Land Sliders
Luke Muscat (Prettygreat)
In Land Sliders, players drag the world around under the players feet. The goal was to create a truly intuitive native touch screen game, leveraging muscle memory everyone already has. But what do you do when every single one of your play testers is giving you different feedback? How do you reconcile the conflict between casual and hardcore gamer preferences? We will look into the process in detail, examining the multitude of iterations that were made over a 4 month period trying to make a control system that truly is for everyone.
Mobile Devices and Disabled Gamers
Ian Hamilton (Ian Hamilton Design & Consultancy)
20% of gamers have some kind of disability, and many mobile gamers also encounter situational impairments, such as playing in direct sunlight, or holding onto a handrail on the underground. Small screens and touch interfaces bring some accessibility barriers and solutions that are specific to mobile devices. This session will share insights on what accessibility and disability actually mean and why they are important. It will also share some easy mobile-specific considerations you can make in your own games, as well as the human and business impact that they can have.