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Monday, March 2 & Tuesday, March 3

The Smartphone & Tablet Games Summit at GDC brings together top game developers from around the world to share ideas, discuss best practices, and consider the future of gaming on mobile platforms, including iOS, Android, Amazon, and more. This two day program will focus on the nuts and bolts of great game design and successful business strategies specifically tailored to popular smartphones & tablets.

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David Kalina
Tiger Style
David Kalina is the co-owner and principal engineer at Tiger Style, the independent development studio behind critically acclaimed indie hits Waking Mars and Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor. David spent his formative years developing AI systems for big-budget console games (Splinter Cell, Deus Ex: Invisible War, Thief: Deadly Shadows) before teaming up with fellow industry veteran Randy Smith to form Tiger Style. David and the Tiger Style team are currently hard at work on Spider: Rite of the Shrouded Moon, which will be released in early 2015.
Chris Pruett
Robot Invader
By day Chris runs Robot Invader, makers of mechanical devices of destruction and video games. His most recent work includes Rise of the Blobs and Wind-Up Knight. An Android team alum, Chris worked on games at Google in the US and Japan. He also spent several years in the console game industry as an engineer and shipped ten titles for various platforms. Under the cover of night, he maintains a research blog devoted to the dissection and analysis of horror games. Chris lives with his wife and two children in Menlo Park, California.
Caryl Shaw
Telltale Games
Caryl Shaw is currently an executive producer at Telltale Games in San Rafael, California, focused on online and web features for upcoming Telltale games like Tales from the Borderlands and Game of Thrones.

Prior to Telltale, Caryl was the Founder of Tower of Robots Consulting in San Francisco, California providing production and project management services to both game and app developers. During the rise of mobile gaming, Caryl was an executive producer at KIXEYE and ngmoco:) where she was responsible for building and managing iPhone and iPad applications as fun and profitable games and services. And earlier in her video games career, Caryl was a senior producer at EA/Maxis and worked on The Sims, SimCity and Spore franchises as the lead online producer.

She's spoken internationally about a range of topics including: Running a Live Mobile Game, Lessons Learned Making a Social Game for Facebook and Putting User-Generated Content to Work in Video Games.