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Tuesday, March 18

Game localization is a vital function of the ever-expanding global game industry as it's responsible for half of the industry's total revenue stream. Successful game publishers and developers realize that localized versions of their games can drive revenues and increase international appeal. Beyond existing gaming markets, the demand is quickly increasing from a growing number of countries and emerging markets around the world, which is prompting publishers to localize and even culturalize more titles into more languages to maximize their ROI. The game Localization Summit at GDC is supported and organized by the IGDA Game Localization SIG, and it is aimed at helping localization professionals as well as the entire community of game developers and publishers understand how to plan and execute game localization and culturalization as a part of the development cycle. Professionals from all departments and all areas of expertise are welcome to attend this full day of lectures, panels and game postmortems.

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Indie Games Localization: Is It Worth It?
Belen Agullo Garcia (PINK NOISE)
Jonas Waever (Logic Artists)
Using the localization of the indie game Expeditions: Conquistador as a case study, this presentation will provide key information that indie game developers want to know about localization: How much does it cost? And will I recoup the investment of the localization? We will use our experience to compare the theory with real figures. Moreover, we will discuss the benefits of localization as a marketing strategy. The developer and the localization team will offer some final tips.
Journey to the West: A Chinese Game Localization Primer
Shaun Newcomer (Reality Squared Games)
From humble beginnings in rural Central China to the bright lights of Shanghai, the past three years have seen explosive growth for China-based Reality Squared Games. Leveraging the talent and know-how of experienced gamers from both East and West, R2Games has quickly risen to the top as a premier localizer and operator of Chinese games in the West. From gameplay to monetization, linguistics to UI/UX, localization of Chinese games presents a myriad of new and exciting challenges. Join us as we share valuable experiences and an "inside view" of Chinese game localization.


Miguel Á. Bernal-Merino
University of Roehampton, London
Dr. Miguel Á. Bernal-Merino is a lecturer in game localization and audiovisual translation. He has worked non-stop for the past few years to raise awareness about the issues involved in the localization of video games, both within industry and academia, by leading several events in Europe and the U.S. He believes passionately that localized versions should play as wonderfully as the original ones, and looks at the challenging road ahead with positive determination and excitement. He remains committed to building the bridges that will allow developers, publishers, localizers and academics to understand each other's work better and ultimately improve overall localization quality, player satisfaction around the world, and ROI for developers and publishers.

His expertise lies in the translation of rich media products (such as video games, films, etc.). He has several publications on audiovisual translation and game localization. Although permanently based at the University of Roehampton in London, he is invited as a guest speaker to conferences and universities around the Western world. He is also working toward a full integration of game-like applications to enhance literacy and language learning, complementing formal public education.
Fabio Minazzi
Binari Sonori s.r.l.
Fabio Minazzi has been involved in digital audio technologies and interactive media since 1988, when he pioneered audio production and localization for interactive media at Philips Consumer Electronics before founding Binari Sonori Srl, a company that soon specialized in multilingual localization for the digital entertainment industry. His experience spans from coordinating the localization of reference games for publishers like Capcom, Konami, Mattel, Microsoft, Namco Bandai and Square Enix, to the management of complex IT localization projects. Passionate about divulgation and international collaborations, Fabio has run university courses and speeches on interactive media publishing, software and game localization, has played a relevant role in the game industry by organizing the Games Localization Roundtable and by serving the IGDA Games Localization SIG as Steering Committee member between 2008 and 2013.

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