GDC 2018 | March 19 — 23, 2018 | Moscone Convention Center | San Francisco, California


GDC returns to San Francisco February 27 — March 3, 2017 (Monday - Friday) for five days of sessions, tutorials, bootcamps, and roundtable discussions on a comprehensive selection of game development topics taught by leading industry experts. From year to year, the GDC continues to define market innovations and provide insight into the future of gaming.

Sessions are divided into eight main conference tracks, GDC Summits, VRDC @ GDC, and Game Career Seminar. This year's main conference tracks include the following:


Advocacy Track logo
Advocacy Track
The Game Developers Conference Advocacy track presents a number of topics that address new and existing issues within the realm of social advocacy. Topics covered range from diversity to censorship to quality of life. With these sessions, we hope to offer a forum for discussion and ultimately a place to effect change for the development community.
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Audio Track logo
Audio Track
The Audio Track brings the industry's top professionals to share their knowledge and experience from the real-world, addressing these unique problems: aesthetic, technical, business, logistical and then some.
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Business & Management Track logo
Business & Marketing Track
The Business & Marketing Track seeks to educate and inform developers about the business of game development and ways in which their business can be improved.
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Game Design Track logo
Design Track
Creating compelling, immersive games requires understanding, visualizing, demonstrating, and tuning the interactions of an ever-increasing number of game tools and systems. While game designers need to understand and exploit the possibilities of new technologies such as realistic physics, facial expressions, and lighting techniques; they must also continue to master...
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Monetization Track logo
Monetization Track (sponsored)
The Sponsored Monetization Track at GDC will contain three full days of content (Wed-Fri), focusing on the current and future opportunities for monetizing social network titles, free-to-play web games, kid-friendly online titles and large-scale MMOs. Leading payment providers will share the pitfalls, successes and best practices in this thriving and competitive marketplace...
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Production Track logo
Production & Team Management Track
In recent years, game industry production challenges have been split between massive budgets for AAA console games, and significant new production challenges from social, online, smartphone and other emerging types of game. The goal of the Production & Team Management Track is to provide developers with concrete tactics for managing game production, no matter what size or scope your game is.
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Programming Track logo
Programming Track
As new platforms emerge and existing platforms evolve, programmers face an ever increasing challenge to produce games that capture the attention of the public and the media. The Programming Track focuses on these challenges and the opportunities presented by next and current generation development including: mature consoles, new handhelds...
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Visual Arts Track logo
Visual Arts Track
The Visual Arts Track strives to educate artists and technical artists about methods for producing game art and animations; from stellar concept art techniques to post production best practices.
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