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The Game Developers Conference will feature in depth sessions by some of the industry's heavy hitters and top technology innovators, such as, Oculus, Microsoft, Sony, Intel, Digital River, NVIDIA and more. See some of the highlighted sponsored sessions below.

Please note: this information refers to GDC 2014, check back for updates.

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Creating Unique Interactive Experiences with the PlayStation4 (Presented by Sony Computer Entertainment America)
Chris Nordens (Sony Computer Entertainment America)
This presentation will explore the technical capabilities and new features of the PlayStation4's new input devices. We will discuss the DualShock4 controller, PlayStationEye camera, PlayStationmove, PlayStationmobile app, and the new interactive services available during live gameplay streaming. All of these devices and services can be used together to create new interactive experiences that are easy to create and share with the PS4.
Working with the Latest Oculus Rift Hardware and Software (Presented by Oculus VR)
Michael Antonov (Oculus VR)
Nate Mitchell (Oculus VR)
Since the debut of the original Oculus Rift development kit at GDC 2013, we've shown off a set of critical improvements including a high-definition display, positional tracking, and low-persistence support. Likewise, behind the scenes we've also been making critical improvements to the core Oculus SDK like new feature support, optimizations (particularly around latency), and overall simplicity.In this talk, we'll discuss everything you need to know to get started integrating the latest Oculus Rift hardware with your VR game or experience. The talk will be split into an overview of the latest hardware, a technical breakdown for engineers, an a game design discussion relevant to the new features. We'll also talk about our vision for future development hardware leading to the consumer Rift and what that path might look like.
Realistic Cloud Rendering Using Pixel Sync (Presented by Intel Corp)
Egor Yusov (Intel Corp)
Clouds are an integral component of outdoor scenes. Rendering clouds is essentially important for a large number of computer games (flight simulators, outdoor FPS such as Battle Field, etc.). This talk presents a new technique for rendering clouds, which is enabled by Pixel Sync. Pixel Sync is a hardware extensions available on Intel GPUs which ensures ordering of read-modify-write operations to the buffer. This new feature enables a wide range of new possibilities and in the technique it used to implement physically based lighting and high-performance rendering of clouds.
ID@Xbox: Introduction to the Xbox One Console (Presented by Microsoft)
Frank Savage (Microsoft)
This lecture explores the history of gaming consoles and how the evolving social culture around gaming factored into the design of the Xbox One platform. Attendees will take away a broad understanding of the Xbox One platform, its high-level capabilities and the opportunities it presents for game developers.
Keynote: 10 Questions to Ask About the Future of Games (Presented by Digital River Inc.)
Dean Takahashi (GamesBeat)
Dean Takahashi, lead writer for GamesBeat, has covered the game business for 17 years and been a tech writer for 25 years. He usually questions movers and shakers about the future of the game business. Now it's Dean's turn to be in the hot seat. He'll try his hand at making predictions and finding answers to todays challenges. How do you properly "sunset" a free-to-play game? Do the valuations of game companies make sense or not? Are we in a bubble or a golden age?
Your Unity Game in More Hands - How to Build for Windows and Windows Phone (Presented by Microsoft)
Carl Callewaert (Unity)
Adam Tuliper (Microsoft)
In this session the latest and coolest features recently added to Unity will be demonstrated. A simple game will be used to teach you how to port your games to Windows and Windows. You will learn how to make your games shine on the platform. Our technical experts will give tips and tricks as you discover the how to reach millions of new gamers on Windows Phone/Windows Store.