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The Game Developers Conference will feature in depth sessions by some of the industry's heavy hitters and top technology innovators, such as, Oculus, Microsoft, Sony, Intel, Digital River, NVIDIA and more. See some of the highlighted sponsored sessions below.

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Designing Games for a Windows Core World (Presented by Microsoft)
Todd Williams (Microsoft)
Shai Hinitz (Microsoft)
How can your game take advantage of the broad reach of multiple form factors shipping with Windows 10, and provide the best experiences to your target audiences? Can a one-size-fits-all design approach succeed or should you tailor the experience to each device? We will discuss and demonstrate the design implications of Windows Core game development scenarios from casual to AAA games, as well as some common pitfalls with an appropriate checklist to mitigate concerns around legibility, input schemes and content density. This talk also examines user engagement expectations and how to map usability goals to user trends for each device.
9 Mobile Game Monetization Questions to Gain a Competitive Edge (And the Answers Too!) (Presented by Chartboost)
Maria Alegre (Chartboost)
Do you know what mobile game monetization questions matter to gain a competitive advantage? We share the 9 most burning monetization questions that matter to accelerate revenue--and, we share the answers too! From monetizing your mobile games to acquiring players, answering these 9 questions will empower you to reach higher gaming revenues. We will arm you with the data to optimally find new players and monetize your mobile games. This session runs the gamut from country to regional trends, from OS to OS version trends and from device to category trends. We will deliver the answers to these burning questions, such as: where are the hottest market opportunities, which game categories are the most popular, and which Android devices will impact monetization the most.
Beyond Immersion - Project Morpheus and PlayStation (Presented by Sony)
Chris Norden (Sony Computer Entertainment)
Jed Ashforth (Sony Computer Entertainment)
Nicolas Doucet (Sony Computer Entertainment)
Project Morpheus not only aims to bring Virtual Reality to PlayStation, but more importantly brings PlayStation to Virtual Reality. This session will focus on updates since last year's Project Morpheus GDC presentation, and will give developers new information about creative opportunities when designing VR experiences for PlayStation 4. Topics covered will include updated game design information, the use of PlayStation peripherals in VR, and the unique social experiences possible only with Project Morpheus.
Low Latency and Stutter-Free Rendering in VR and Graphics Applications (Presented by AMD)
Layla Mah (AMD)
This talk will provide a detailed explanation of several mechanisms by which graphics engine developers can dramatically reduce both actual and perceived latency and "stuttering" in graphics and virtual reality applications running on modern GPUs such as those powered by the AMD Graphics Core Next (GCN) architecture. Real world examples of optimized AAA content will be discussed and explained, complete with before and after performance metrics.
Edge Detection Based Post Processing in Warlords of Draenor (Presented by Intel)
Matthew M. Williams (Blizzard Entertainment)
John Hartwig (Intel)
In this Session, we will present three new post processing techniques added to the Warlords of Draenor expansion to World of Warcraft. We will look at how we integrated Conservative Morphological Anti-Aliasing (CMAA) and the extensions required to Warcraft's post-processing pipeline, some of the problems faced and the solutions under investigation. The session will also looks at the evolution of the Character and Quest object Outlining technique from its Diablo 3 origins to its implementation in World of Warcraft. The third technique is the sketch shader. Inspired by the opening cinematic in Diablo 3, this technique provides a real-time pen & ink on a scroll look that is used as an effective story telling device.
Hack Discovery: Facebook for Mobile Games (Presented by Facebook)
Dan Morris (Facebook)
Most developers know that Facebook has become a crucially important tool for paid mobile user acquisition, but few developers understand how impactful Facebook's freely-available social channels can be. Find out how small and mid-sized game developers are utilizing Facebook's mobile SDK to earn free installs, reengagement, and promotion. Learn the tips and tactics that are helping sophisticated mobile game developers to break through the app discovery problem.