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Hear from leading game technology companies in Developer Days and sponsored sessions throughout the week at GDC. Learn about new products, tools, services, and techniques. Register for an All Access, Conference, Summits, or Expo Plus pass to attend. View all sponsored sessions and sponsorship opportunities.

Sponsored Session Highlights

Unreal Developer Sessions
Join Epic Games for a day packed full of content, with sessions ranging from breaking news and demos to game optimization. Epic's new location for Wednesday talks, which is bigger and better this year, is the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Theater. The day kicks off with the annual "State of Unreal" opening session, followed by a deep dive, "Cinematic Lighting in Unreal Engine." Next up is "Creating Believable Humans in Unreal Engine," followed by a two-part series, "Optimizing Fortnite: Battle Royale." Whether you're in art, design, engineering, production or the business of games, there's something here for you at GDC. Follow @UnrealEngine for updates.
Introduction to Apple's ARKit: Best practices and recent updates (Presented by Apple, Inc.)
Michael Kuhn (Apple)
This session introduces core concepts of the ARKit framework, it's underlying principles, and the ARKit API. It explains how to get started with ARKit using the different tracking and scene understanding capabilities as well integration into rendering/game engines. The session also highlights best practices for AR like starting an experience, placing objects in the real world, interacting with them and implications for games. In addition it explains basic concepts and challenges of AR and Computer Vision to help avoid common pitfalls and allow the creation of great experiences.
Building a Reinforcement Learning Agent in 'Starcraft 2' (Presented by NVIDIA)
Miro Enev (NVIDIA)
Eric Harper (NVIDIA)
In this lab you will train a deep reinforcement learning agent to play Starcraft 2. The agent will train in Blizzard's Starcraft 2 Machine Learning environment and use DeepMind's Starcraft 2 Learning Environment (SC2LE) to communicate with the game engine in Python. You will implement deep reinforcement learning algorithms and test their effectiveness in minigames of increasing difficulty. SC2LE is designed so that AI will have to play similarly to a human. The AI can only see the units that are in its field of view and has to input commands at a rate that is comparable to human play. With AlphaGo recently beating the world's best Go players, Starcraft 2 is the next great challenge in AI and reinforcement learning.

Due to the enormous state and action spaces of Starcraft 2, NVIDIA GPUs are necessary for the challenge of training deep reinforcement agents to play Starcraft 2 at human expert levels.

Note, a laptop is required to attend this training.
Character Animation Using Phase-Functioned Neural Network (Presented by NVIDIA)
Miro Enev (NVIDIA)
Eric Harper (NVIDIA)
Lifelike animation is hard to describe, but easy to identify. In this lab, you will train a phase functioned neural network to animate characters to learn to:

Maintain smooth animation over various terrains Prepare data for training using motion capture data Teach an advanced network to understand the animation sequence and break down the character motion into phases to make smooth transition

Upon completion, you will have the skills to train 3D characters by exploiting new advanced techniques in neural networks.

Note, a laptop is required to attend this training.

Developer Days

Attend full-day programs organized by leading technology companies to give game programmers the latest information on their tools. View Developer Days and sponsorship opportunities.

Allegorithmic Developer Day

The Substance of Shadow of War (Presented by Allegorithmic)

Texturing a Hyper-Reality Experience - Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire (Presented by Allegorithmic)

Substance Automation Toolkit: Building a Future-Proof Material Pipeline (Presented by Allegorithmic)

Ruins of the Reich: Debris and Rubbles Pipeline in 'Wolfenstein 2' with Substance Designer (Presented by Allegorithmic)

Creating Photorealistic Procedural Materials with Substance Designer (Presented by Allegorithmic)

Allegorithmic's Keynote - What's New with Substance (Presented by Allegorithmic)


Amazon Developer Day

Amazon Keynote: Game On! Beyond Traditional eSports (Presented by Amazon)

Hands On! Integrate Competitive Play into Your Game with Amazon (Presented by Amazon)

Panel: The Future of Mobile eSports (Presented by Amazon)

Indie Panel: Building Communities Using Organized Mobile Competitions (Presented by Amazon)

Making Twitch Interactive with Twitch Extensions (Presented by Amazon)

Built for Twitch: Increase Your Game's Reach and Retention with Twitch Integrations (Presented by Amazon)

Building Scalable and Flexible Analytics Architectures for Games on AWS (Presented by Amazon)

Reach for the Cloud: From Game Services to Production Pipeline (Presented by Amazon)

Exploring Trends of Multiplayer Game Infrastructure with Amazon Gamelift (Presented by Amazon)

Intro to AWS for Game Development (Presented by Amazon)

An Introduction to Building Voice-First Games on Alexa (Presented by Amazon)

Reinforced Machine Learning: Leveraging the power of Intelligence for Gaming (Presented by Amazon)


Autodesk Developer Day

Autodesk Keynote: 3D Tools, Pipelines, and the Future (Presented by Autodesk)

Autodesk and Unity: Better Interop for Collaborative Game Development (Presented by Autodesk)

New Tools in Shotgun for Production Management in Games (Presented by Autodesk)

Production and Pipeline Management, Shared Learning from the Trenches (Presented by Autodesk)

Shotgun Case Studies: EA, Crystal Dynamics, and Ubisoft (Presented by Autodesk)


Facebook Developer Day

Empowering Gaming Communities: Unlocking the Virtuous Cycle (Presented by Facebook)

Frictionless Fun: Building Connected Communities (Presented by Facebook)

Instant Games Monetization: Integration + Optimization (Presented by Facebook)

Instant Games: The Platform Awakens (Presented by Facebook)

New Mobile Frontiers: HTML5 Development Best Practices (Presented by Facebook)

The Future of Instant Games: Roadmap to Success (Presented by Facebook)

Welcome to Facebook Developer Day (Presented by Facebook)


Google Developer Day

Hear new product announcements and learn about tools and opportunities for game developers to build high quality, engaging experiences for a growing global audience.




Innovation & New Platforms


Khronos Group Developer Day

Getting Explicit: How Hard is Vulkan Really? (Presented by Khronos Group)

HLSL in Vulkan: There and Back Again (Presented by Khronos Group)

Standardizing All the Realities: A Look at OpenXR (Presented by Khronos Group)

Vulkan on Android: Gotchas and Best Practices (Presented by Khronos Group)

WebGL and glTF (Presented by Khronos Group)

What's New in Vulkan (Presented by Khronos Group)


Unity Developer Day

Rendering in 2018: How to Get the Most out of Unity's New Rendering Features (Presented by Unity)

"Make It Shiny": Unity's Progressive Lightmapper and Shader Graph (Presented by Unity)

Introducing Multiplay: Scalable Server-Hosted Multiplayer Experiences (Presented by Unity)

Artist Workflow Improved: Digital Content Creation Tools Roundtripping & Worldbuilding (Presented by Unity)

Job System & Entity Component System (Presented by Unity)

Design In-App Purchases for Success (Presented by Unity)

Unity for Deep Learning: ML-Agents explained (Presented by Unity)


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