GDC 2017 | February 27 — March 3, 2017 | Moscone Convention Center | San Francisco, California



The Game Developers Conference will feature in depth sessions by some of the industry's heavy hitters and top technology innovators. See some of the highlighted sponsored sessions below.

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Increasing VR Presence: From Believable Character Behaviors to Developing with the New PlayStationVR Aim Controller (Presented by Sony Interactive Entertainment America)
Tom Bruckbock (SIEA)
Seth Luisi (Impulse Gear)
Greg Koreman (Impulse Gear)
Richard Marks (Sony Interactive Entertainment)
Dive into the world of VR game development utilizing the PS VR Aim Controller. In this session we will explore VR presence and discuss a couple of areas that can have great impacts to it. PS VR Aim Controller is Sony's first VR controller developed for VR shooting games. The details of the controller and its advantages will be shared with the audience. Also, the developers of Farpoint (Seth Luisi and Greg Koreman), the first game utilizing PS VR Aim controller, will provide their first-hand knowledge and experience of what it takes to develop a game for the Aim Controller, challenges they faced and opportunities opened up. Then Richard Marks, head of the PlayStation Magic Lab at Sony Interactive Entertainment America, will discuss the importance of spatially realistic character behaviors and explore ways that it can further increase presence in the VR world.
Game of War: Developing a Single-World MMO (Presented by MZ)
Brendan Seaman (MZ)
Garth Gillespie (MZ)
Nathan Spencer (MZ)
Explore the technology behind Game of War's real-time world map, where players from all around the world interact and battle for control. Discover how we solved the technical challenges of a single-world MMO, and how MZ's real-time platform has transformed the way we think about game development. We'll cover both client and backend technologies, including how we utilized our Pub/Sub architecture for game development and how its applications extend beyond the realm of gaming.
Guide to Clans: Setting Up a Strong Clan System in Racing Games (Presented by ClanPlay)
Leonard Frankel (ClanPlay)
Clan systems are becoming popular, even in non traditional game genres, with developers adding them to increase players engagement. This will be a 2-part session with the first consisting of a practical guide on how to design a clan system for racing games. We will review existing systems in various games and understand the needed adaptations to get those players interacting and socializing. In the second part of the session we will interview executives from leading racing game developers and dig into their experience tying in systems to deeply engage their audiences.
What the Best Games Know about Analytics That the Rest Don't (Presented by deltaDNA)
Dr. Isaac Roseboom (deltaDNA)
Why do games struggle to monetize and how can analytics be utilized to drastically increase revenues and avoid common monetization pitfalls? In this session, Dr. Isaac Roseboom, Head of Insight at deltaDNA, will demonstrate how successful games use analytics and player insights to best effect. He'll look at the how they approach onboarding, drive first time purchase, and balance their game economy to maximize KPI performance. Isaac will outline what you need to do to successfully monetize a game and drive repeat spend.

This talk will use aggregated data from the deltaDNA platform and give real-life examples of how analytics can assist in designing and personalizing games.
Fraud and Your Game Economy (Presented by Digital River)
Scott Davis (Digital River)
A never-ending concern for most game developers is fraud. From shady key reseller sites, to fraud rings that target your virtual economy, fraudsters have the potential to destroy your game. In this panel discussion, fraud experts will share the tactics you need to protect some of your most valuable assets your game and your players.