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In many studios, technical artists (TAs) play a key role in developing efficient tool pipelines, and ensuring art content is visually striking and optimized for performance. However, many studios have still not fully embraced the TA role. Join a group of experienced, respected technical artists in the Technical Artist Bootcamp on Tuesday, March 20, 2018 to learn skills and tools be more effective, learn how to demonstrate your value to get a key development role, and further integrate technical art into your studio's pipeline and culture. Seating is on a first-come, first-served basis.

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Technical Artist Bootcamp: Procedural Islands of 'Dauntless'
Mykola Konyk (Phoenix Labs)
Michael Trottier (Phoenix Labs)
In this session, Phoenix Labs' Mykola Konyk and Michael Trottier will present the procedural island pipeline they created in order to build the shattered islands of 'Dauntless'. They will do a high level overview and cover successful strategies for setting up a Houdini procedural pipeline. They will also talk about their experiences in decomposing the complex requirements of world art into manageable procedural components.
Technical Artist Bootcamp: Shaders 301
Ben Cloward (BioWare)
Building on last year's "Shaders 201" talk, this presentation will go beyond the basics and present several more advanced shader techniques. As this session continues to explore the exciting world of shader creation, tech artists will learn basic concepts and functions, and then put them together to create beautiful pixels. No previous shader or programming experience is required, but basic math understanding will be helpful.
Technical Artist Bootcamp: Zen in the Art of Rigging
Brian Venisky (Avalanche Studios (NYC)
Rigging is a daunting task that few love, many loathe, and most avoid. For those that do it, some do it by necessity while others truly enjoy it. Regardless of position or skill level, your approach and execution to rigging (and writing tools for that matter) is different than the next person. This includes tasks as basic as how you place joints or more advanced ones such as how you calculate mathematical expressions. However, it is not hard for anyone of any level to ignore or forget key concepts and practices that allow for creation of the best possible rigs. There are also many things that books, teachers, and tutorials don't tell you when you're learning how to rig and for years (or forever) go unlearned. This talk will help you focus on better planning of your rigs as well give you essential tips and tricks to building great rigs.
Technical Artist Bootcamp: Production Values: Improving Quality, Longevity and Scalability
Jodie Azhar (Creative Assembly)
As technical art matures as a discipline it's important for the industry to develop a vocabulary for discussing solutions, be self-critical and make informed decisions based on the needs of the project and team. This talk will look at how formalizing processes and decision making, and standardizing workflows leads to improved pipelines and tools regardless of the size of the team. It will cover processes already used in other areas of development and how these can be tailored to the technical art roles. This will include problem solving techniques, testing methods and review processes. The talk will also look at how to apply these processes if you are an individual working alone or on a large team handling multiple projects and how getting into those good habits and being self-critical can save you time in the long run.

Technical Artist Bootcamp Organizers

Matt Oztalay
Matt Oztalay
Certain Affinity
Matt has been working in the games industry for seven years, holding environment artist and technical artist roles at Volition, Vigil Games and Certain Affinity, supporting teams on titles including Halo, Call of Duty, Darksiders II, and Saint's Row. He's currently working as a Senior Technical Artist at Certain Affinity in the brisket-soaked paradise of Austin, TX. He graduated from Ringling College of Art and Design with BFA in Game Art and Design.

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