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Get inspired by great speakers and forward-thinking companies discussing the future of the game industry. Learn from companies or individuals outside of the game space who are doing amazing work that feeds back into game innovation. Come away infused by vital ideas about how to take your work forward in the next year.

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How Real-Time Graphics Helps Pixar Make Feature Films
Pol Jeremias-Vila (Pixar Animation Studios)
David G Yu (Pixar Animation Studios)
This talk will explore how real-time graphics are used at Pixar Animation Studios. In this session, Pixar's David G Yu and Pol Jeremias-Vila will use examples from famous Pixar movies to illustrate the unique needs of film production, including loading and run-time management of massive movie sets and complex characters, real-time subdivision surfaces, real-time effects, and how these assets are rendered using the latest hardware features. Don't miss this great opportunity to learn about how real-time graphics help make movies.
The Cell Structure: How Supercell Turned the Traditional Org-Chart Upside Down
Ilkka Paananen (Supercell)
Supercell is built on a unique culture. At the core of this culture is the idea of small and independent game development teams that are called "cells". These cells operate completely independently, one could describe them as their own independent companies inside the larger company. So far, despite their small size, these cells have launched 4 games that have each been in the Top 10 charts for years during their lifetimes. In this session, Supercell's CEO Ilkka Paananen will dig into the lessons he's learned as a founder, sharing his experience from building Supercell, a company that has been structured in a fundamentally different way. After years of leading companies that were structured like most games companies, with management owning the vision and having creative control, he came to realize that games are a form of art, created by talented, creative people and that games businesses need to be structured in a way that allows them to flourish. Supercell turned the traditional top-down org chart upside down, giving the games teams the independence and full autonomy to design games, lead projects and have the final say on whether Supercell launches or kills a game.
This is Your Brain on Games
Frank Lantz (NYU Game Center)
Does a life spent playing games change the way a person thinks? Could they make us smarter? Improve the way we think about the world? The concept of "systems literacy" is sometimes invoked to describe how humans might benefit from playing games, how they might increase our ability to understand the world as a set of complex, overlapping, dynamic systems. In this talk we will look to see if there is any evidence that games are having this effect on us. What would advanced systems literacy even look like? Would we recognize it when we saw it? We will look at concrete examples from specific games and extrapolate to a broad vision of how games might have the capacity to increase our collective intelligence.
You're Not Broken: Finding Your Creative Way Through Difficult Times
Laralyn McWilliams (Skydance Interactive)
During times of turmoil, change and grief, it's easy to blame yourself for creative failures. Everyone reacts differently to these sorts of stress but there's one thing everyone has in common: it makes creativity almost impossible. If you're fundamentally broken, your creative work is fundamentally broken too. Making great games means making ourselves whole again. This talk comes from personal experience, going through multiple rounds of cancer now deemed incurable. It provides tools to recognize when you're deep in the well of darkness, and methods to help reclaim your creativity. Whether you're able to make the arduous climb out of the well or you must find beauty in a journey spent largely in darkness, you can move forward. You can create again. But first comes forgiveness.

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