GDC 2017 | February 27 — March 3, 2017 | Moscone Convention Center | San Francisco, California


|   Game Career Seminar

The Game Career Seminar, taking place Friday, March 3, 2017 at the Moscone Convention Center, is a one-day program designed for students and individuals interested in learning how to build a career in the video game industry.

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Attendees will experience interactive sessions, network with industry professionals, have the chance to meet with HR representatives from leading game companies exhibiting at GDC, and most importantly, learn how to get their careers started in the video game industry. Top game developers and industry experts will share their perspective and insights.

All GDC 2017 passes allow entry to the Game Career Seminar, but a special one-day Student Pass for currently enrolled students over the age of 18 is available onsite at GDC on Friday, March 3 2017.


Been There, Done That: Industry Vets Share Experiences and Advice
Kim McAuliffe (
Sela Davis (VREAL)
Necklace Zhang (Ember Entertainment)
Brittany Aubert (City State Entertainment)
Tara Brannigan (flaregames)
Lauren Scott (Hangar 13)
Mary Olson (343 Industries)
Are you new to the industry and looking for guidance from developers who have been down those roads before? This session is primarily geared toward game-makers just starting their careers, but applies to any industry folk facing tough situations, confidence issues, and feeling marginalized or directionless. This session has a dynamic collection of microtalks from industry veterans covering a variety of roles and experiences, like QA, community management, production, art, UX design, game design, and programming. Each speaker will cover a unique topic drawn from their own experiences. Bring your questions, there will be plenty of time for Q&A at the end. You will leave excited by the opportunities in store, encouraged by stories you've heard, and armed with tools and knowledge to drive your own career success.
Virtual Insanity: Lessons Learned from Creating a Virtual Reality Engine
Liz Mercuri (Warner Bros.)
As the popularity of virtual reality (VR) grows, so does its accessibility. Third-party engines now provide developers with easy to use VR plug-ins suitable for a multitude of VR applications. If you're new to programming or are simply curious about what is going on behind the veil of third-party, this lecture is for you. This lecture focuses on The Horror Engine, a multi-player VR engine created entirely from C++ libraries. Not only will you gain an insight into the inspiration behind the engine but you will also get a glimpse into the technical construction of the engine and be privy to the lessons learned during its creation. The aim of The Horror Engine is to take your understanding deeper. Gaining a greater technical understanding of the technologies which you may be using daily, will allow you to push them to their potential.
Many Paths, One Goal: Alternative Ways to Break In
Tim Hargreaves (Intel)
Michelle Flamm (Dunderpate Music, LLC)
Michelle Hill (Independent)
Jash Raab (Big Huge Games)
Paige Meekison (Code Mystics)
Getting an industry job is simple: get a degree, get an internship, get hired. Right? According to this cross discipline panel, reality is a little more complicated. Between achieving a history degree, prop making, the Royal Canadian Navy and failed projects and companies, learn about some of the paths less traveled in order to achieve the one true goal: gainful employment in the games industry. Hear the war stories of how they got here, and ask questions about how their different experiences shaped how they approach the industry. Sometimes they were lucky, sometimes they worked their hands to the bone, but they all succeeded in an unconventional fashion.
Killer Portfolio or Portfolio Killer: Part 1, Advice from Industry Artists
Alison Kelly (Alison Kelly Consulting)
Greg Foertsch (Firaxis Games)
Wyeth Johnson (Epic Games, Inc.)
Lisette Titre-Montgomery (Ubisoft)
Shawn Robertson (Studio Formerly Known as Irattional Games)
Gavin Goulden (Insomniac Games)
As the game industry has become increasingly competitive, it has also become more difficult for artists to break into the industry and to obtain recognition for their work. There are, however, both positive and negative ways to stand out from the crowd. This panel, which consists of art directors and lead artists from Epic, Firaxis, 343, Irrational, and Bungie, will expose portfolio pitfalls and how to avoid them, as well as providing real world examples of how to succeed in getting, and holding, an art director's attention. The panel will also discuss common hiring practices and variations among the studios. The panel will be followed by a 2 hour session for individual portfolio reviews.
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