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Members of the press, speakers and attendees who plan to record video footage at the GDC and VRDC must adhere to the following policies.

Filming Guidelines at Moscone

You will need to hire a representative from Local 16 IATSE if you plan to do any of the following at the Moscone Convention Center: equipment set-up and plug-in for camera operation, videotape or hard disk recorders, portable lighting, audio, and/or props.

  • A Local 16 technician will be required for every operating position within a film or video production. Coverage for each member of a crew will need to be one to one for each technical position.
  • Local 16 labor can be contracted through Event Technology Services (ETS): Martha Bledsoe,, 972-756-0100
  • A broadcast fee of $800 will apply for each technician if the intention of the video recording is for mass broadcast or webcast - including on demand video and web streaming. This is the equivalent to double time and is billed at an eight-hour minimum, regardless of how long the production is. ETS will bill your organization for this charge directly.

The only exception to the above is if all four of the below points are true:
a) You are a legitimate news media outlet
b) Your camera must be battery-operated; you CANNOT plug into the Moscone Center’s power
c) Your only intention is to gather film clips for a newscast
d) You carry valid press credentials available at the GDC press office

Additional Guidelines for Media/Media Staff Badge Holders:

  1. Permission must be authorized for filming onsite by conference management or the GDC’s public relations representative: fortyseven communications. Please obtain a sticker for your badge from a fortyseven representative in the press room which will indicate that you have been approved.
  2. Individual conference session recordings (lectures and panels) can be no longer than five minutes in length, and can only consist of the FIRST FIVE MINUTES of the session.
  3. Recording of roundtables is completely prohibited.
  4. Once permission for recording is obtained from conference management or fortyseven communications, the recorder must also obtain permission from the speaker(s). Interconnecting with existing audio or video recordings is prohibited. In other words, you may not obtain a direct feed from the AV technician in the session room you are attending.
  5. Conference session footage taken at the event must be used as Broll only with replay of 5 minutes total of the entire GDC at the most.
  6. Requests for interviews with conference management must be facilitated through fortyseven communications. Please proceed to the press room for assistance or email

Please note that press and attendees found violating these guidelines will be asked to leave the event. Conference Associates staffing each session will be monitoring recording activity.


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