Don’t skip the smorgasbord of great talks at GDC 2018’s Indie Games Summit!

The Game Developers Conference is two months away, and organizers want to be make sure you don’t overlook some of the fantastic talks from indie devs, for indie devs that are happening at the March event.

Each of these talks is part of the GDC Game Independent Games Summit, one of eight that will take place Monday, March 19th and Tuesday, March 20th at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, CA — the first two days of the conference.

The GDC Summits are each designed to give you a comprehensive overview of a specific game industry discipline, and the Indie Summit is consistently one of the most popular — in large part because the content is always so good.

For example, in their Independent Games Summit talk “Partnership on ‘Darkest Dungeon‘: The Double-Edged Sword“, Red Hook cofounders Tyler Sigman and Chris Bourassa will speak frankly about how sharing almost every major decision, from business strategy to staffing to product development, can be alternately wonderful and maddening!

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Get a behind-the-scenes look at the Frog Fractions 2 ARG at GDC 2018!

Amid all the remarkable talks and events happening at the Game Developers Conference in March, organizers want to make sure you don’t miss one particularly fascinating session on the Frog Fractions 2 alternate-reality game.

Writer Justin Bortnick played a key role in orchestrating the Frog Fractions 2 ARG, and in his GDC 2018 Business & Marketing track talk on “Rallying the Resistance: ‘Frog Fractions 2‘ Alternate Reality Game” he plans to reveal what happened — and what lessons were learned.

Expect to learn more about the mysteries behind the beloved (and notorious) ARG, from the early days of design through the origins of the mysterious resistance and their sparkly foes all the way to the explosive end that put the launch day of their game into the hands of their fans.

It promises to be a talk you’ll want to check out, because you’ll gain a broader understanding of unorthodox marketing techniques as campaigns like ARGs continue to grow in popularity, a sense of the benefits and drawbacks of rapid content development, real-time narrative composition, and a sense of wonder that secrets can still exist in games today.

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GDC 2018 is proud to welcome back the Train Jam game showcase!

The 2018 Game Developers Conference is two months away, and a group of devs looking to ride the rails from Chicago to San Francisco to attend — and make a game along the way — have signed up to do so as part of the fifth annual Train Jam game jam!

Created and organized by game developer Adriel Wallick, Train Jam has become something of a phenomenon: a fantastic opportunity for devs to make games together in close quarters, knowing their work will be part of a unique on-site showcase at GDC.

This year the Train Jam will once again take place entirely within the confines of an Amtrak train, and last just over two days — 52 hours, to be precise. Participants have from when the train departs Chicago’s Union Station on Thursday, March 15th until it arrives in Emeryville on Saturday, March 17th to make the best game they can with whatever tools they bring, build, or borrow.

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Come and see how neural networks can help you build better games

Artificial intelligence! It means many things to many people, and at this year’s Game Developers Conference you’ll have an opportunity to hear how it meant a breakthrough in game production for the folks at Temple Gate Games.

In a very special GDC 2018 AI Summit session on “Race for the Galaxy‘: A Neural Network in Production” Temple Gate chief Theresa Duringer will explain how the studio’s game Race for the Galaxy (a digital adaptation of the board game) uses temporal difference learning to power its AI.

This knowledge-free system requires no human input to generate training data, which allows it to improve by playing against itself. Through this approach, the Temple Gate Games team was evidently able to dramatically improve the challenge level offered by AI opponents without the significant time investment typical of tuning complex AI.

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Game submissions are now open for Day of the Devs at GDC 2018!

Day of the Devs, that popular indie video game showcase from Double Fine and iam8bit, is coming back to GDC 2018 — and organizers are now accepting submissions from devs who want to take part!

This fun GDC-sponsored showcase, which is returning for the sixth consecutive year, brings players and developers together for a celebration of some of the year’s biggest indie hits.

GDC attendees will be able to stop by the Day of the Devs interactive space at the Moscone Convention Center in San Francisco throughout GDC week (March 19-23) to check out the games, chat with the folks that made them, and just generally relax and have a nice time.

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At GDC 2018’s new Tools Tutorial Day, study the tools top devs use to ship games

Game makers, take note: GDC 2018 organizers want to give you a preview of the cutting-edge discussions taking place during the brand new Tools Tutorial Day which helps kick off the conference in San Francisco this March.

And of course, this is just one of many focused, insightful Bootcamps and Tutorials scheduled during the first two days of GDC — that’s Monday and Tuesday, March 19th and 20th this year!

The Tools Tutorial is designed to offer you a deep dive into the state-of-the-art techniques and processes for building tools that enable game development teams to ship awesome games. Topics will range from usability and workflow to studio services and automated testing, and all the technology in between.

When you attend the Tools Tutorial talks, you’ll get to hear (from a front-row seat, if you’re quick) to experts from studios large and small talk about their experiences shipping the tools that ship awesome games.

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Improve your storytelling chops at the GDC 2018 Narrative Summit!

The Game Developers Conference is two months away, and organizers want to be sure you know about some of the fantastic talks on the craft of storytelling in games that are taking place at the March event.

Each of these talks is part of the GDC Game Narrative Summit, one of eight that will take place Monday, March 19th and Tuesday, March 20th at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, CA — the first two days of the conference.

Each Summit offers a comprehensive overview of a specific game industry discipline, and the Game Narrative Summit is just that: for example, in his talk on “Character Development in Non-Linear Spaces: ‘Uncharted: The Lost Legacy” Naughty Dog’s Josh Scherr will provide an overview of Naughty Dog’s story development techniques, followed by a detailed look at the writing process for The Lost Legacy.

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Come on and slam at the GDC 2018 NBA Jam Classic Game Postmortem!

Heads up, ’90s kids: Game Developers Conference 2018 organizers are thrilled to announce that a game industry veteran will be attending this year’s show to present a rare behind-the-scenes look at the making of an arcade classic.

Mark Turmell, a longtime game designer and programmer who’s been making games since the ’80s, will be at GDC 2018 in San Francisco this March to present a fascinating Classic Game Postmortem of NBA Jam!

Released in 1993, Midway’s NBA Jam is among the most influential arcade games of all time. Turmell served as lead designer and programmer on the original arcade game, and in his talk he plans to explain the vision behind the game, its role during the ’90s arcade boom, and how the first ridiculously huge dunk changed the course of the game’s design.

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Speaker Q&A: Andrew Fischer discusses app-integratation of Mansions of Madness 2nd Edition

Andrew Fischer is board and card game manager at Fantasy Flight Games and will be at GDC 2018 to present the talk Mansions of Madness’ 2nd Edition: Postmortem of an App-Integrated Board game. 

His Design track talk will discuss the challenges involved in integrating digital and tabletop elements in the same system. Here, Fischer gives us information about himself and what he does.

Don’t miss out! The Game Developers Conference in San Francisco next March is going to be full of interesting and informative sessions like Fischer’s. For more visit the show’s official website.

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Come get some expert advice on making successful F2P mobile games with licensed IP

The 2018 Game Developers Conference is just a few months away, and today organizers want to quickly highlight a practical talk at the March event that’s all about the art (and business) of making great games with big licenses.

It’s a Mobile track talk on “Succeeding with Licensed IP for Mobile F2P Games” from N3twork’s Eric Seufert, and it promises to be great because it will arm you with specific points to emphasize in negotiating an IP license with a license holder, as well as a general strategic viewpoint on how licensed IP can amplify a game’s commercial potential.

Seufert aims to give you a framework for assessing an IP license for a mobile free-to-play game in terms of its user acquisition value, using three examples of IP-licensed games that he’s personally worked on.

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