At GDC 2018, see how Edith Finch‘s devs weaved 13 prototypes into 1 game

It’s nearly here: the 2018 Game Developers Conference! As you prepare yourself accordingly, organizers want to make sure you don’t overlook a great talk about the unique production of indie hit What Remains of Edith Finch.

As part of the GDC 2018 Design track of talks, Giant Sparrow creative director Ian Dallas will present “Weaving 13 Prototypes into 1 Game: Lessons from ‘Edith Finch.” Edith Finch contains 13 different sub-stories, each with its own unique art style and gameplay mechanic; of course, and to make that happen Giant Sparrow had to prototype more than 13 games.

Dallas will thus talk about how he and his team approached prototyping where the goal was for each mechanic to be something players had never seen before, but also intuitive enough to grasp without tutorials. He’ll also discuss the challenge of blending these radically different mechanics into a cohesive experience along with the production process his team evolved to try and keep the whole team informed in the face of nearly constant, frustrating, exhilarating change.

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Speaker Q&A: Polyarc’s Brendan Walker discusses the intersection of art and engineering in Moss

One of the big challenges in any medium, but especially VR, is the challenge of creating authentic, likable characters for an audience to interact with. It’s a task that involves artists, writers, and engineers coming together to hopefully create a fictional entity that will win the hearts and minds of people everywhere…but when you’ve got a whole new medium on your hands, how do you do that?

At GDC 2018, Polyarc engineer Brendan Walker hopes to answer that question in a session about the studio’s debut game Moss. To help attendees get introduced to one of the people who brought the charismatic mouse Quill to life, we’ve reached out to Walker for a quick Q&A about his work, which you can read below!

Don’t miss out! The Game Developers Conference in San Francisco next March is going to be full of interesting and informative sessions like Walker’s. For more visit the show’s official website.

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At GDC, see how Friday the 13th: The Game was tuned for asymmetrical multiplayer

When you get to the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco later this month you’re going to have a ton of cool stuff to choose from — including an intriguing talk from the devs behind last year’s sleeper hit Friday the 13th: The Game.

It’s an interesting game because it asks players to engage in asymmetrical multiplayer matches — one player takes on the role of the iconic Jason villain, and the others play camp counselors seeking to thwart him. In his Design track talk “Friday the 13th‘: Design and Balance for Asymmetrical Horror” game director David Langeliers will explain how the team designed and tuned that asymmetrical balance.

He’ll dig into how the team worked to make a Jason player feel extremely overpowered, and the large team of counselors feel very under-powered, while still having the experience feel fair for both teams, and scary for the counselors while staying true to the source IP. You won’t want to skip it!

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Play these 24 games in the Indie Megabooth Showcase at GDC 2018

As the 2018 Game Developers Conference draws nigh, organizers are happy to announce that the Indie MEGABOOTH Showcase is back at GDC for the fifth year in a row — and this year it’s showcasing twice as many games!

Today they share the full list of games that will be playable by all GDC passholders throughout the conference (which is taking place the week of March 19th through the 23rd) at the MEGABOOTH, which will be on the third floor of the Moscone Convention Center’s West Hall.

However, since, this year’s MEGABOOTH at GDC will feature double the amount of indie dev teams from previous years, organizers have implemented a mid-show refresh: Monday and Tuesday will host a dozen games, and then a fresh set of curated games will be close out the showcase Wednesday through Friday.

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Speaker Q&A: Tanya Short discusses the balance between game design and company management

When you’re an independent game developer, you often don’t have the luxury of just sticking to your art and craft, you have to go out and build a business for yourself as well. It’s an experience a lot of developers can relate to, but at GDC 2018, you’re going to hear from speakers like Tanya X. Short, who not only makes games at her company Kitfox Games, but helped co-found Pixelles, a non-profit dedicated to helping women make games in Montreal!

To get a sense for what Short will be talking about at GDC, we reached out to her for a quick Q&A about what it’s like being an indie with an interest in procedural game design and running her own company. You can read all of her answers below!

Don’t miss out! The Game Developers Conference in San Francisco next March is going to be full of interesting and informative sessions like Short’s. For more visit the show’s official website.

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See GDC 2018 speakers (try to) pitch their talks to you in 60 seconds!

Perhaps you’ve heard the news: GDC 2018 is just a few weeks away!

As you’re looking over the session schedule and figuring out what to see and do, organizers want to quickly remind you that for the third year running, a bunch of GDC speakers have put together 60-second (ish) pitch videos for their talks!

These “Flash Forward” videos are always perfect summations of what makes GDC sessions great: they’re fun, charming, and surprisingly informative. What’s more, they couldn’t be more convenient to watch! Just head over to the official GDC YouTube channel, which is now packed with pithy videos submitted by a diverse group of GDC 2018 speakers.

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Become a better producer in a day at the GDC 2018 Producer Bootcamp!

Game devs, take note: the GDC 2018 Producer Bootcamp on Tuesday, March 20th is going to be a fantastic day-long learning opportunity with a ton of expert sessions on the ins and outs of being a great producer in game dev.

It’s one of many Bootcamps and Tutorials that take place during the first two days of GDC (Monday and Tuesday, March 19th and 20th this year) and offer attendees the chance to dive deep and explore focused topics like level design, game production, art direction and animation.

Of course, in the game industry a producer’s role often varies from team to team and differs across studios. Good (or bad) production practices and methodologies can make or break a game’s overall quality, the team’s health, and even define studio culture. The Producer Bootcamp brings together experts and colleagues for a day to discuss best practices in production and team management, as well as share their career experiences.

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These 3D Game Art Challenge winners will appear at GDC 2018

The Game Developers Conference and Unity Technologies have partnered to curate and host a 3D art contest for games using Unity, and today they’re proud to announce the twelve winning entries!

Each of their creators have been awarded All Access Passes to GDC 2018, where their winning entries will be displayed in a special lounge that will be open to all GDC passholders during the conference.

The games will be playable in the special 3D Game Art Challenge lounge on the ground floor of Moscone West, close to main registration, from Monday, March 19th to Friday, March 23rd.

As judged by key Unity staff, GDC contributors and third-party experts, each of these entries was selected because of its standout aesthetics – including use of modeling, animation, and special effects – to create a stylish and unique visual experience.

Without further ado, here are the winning entries you’ll see at GDC 2018 in the 3D Game Art Challenge showcase area:

Phoenix Point by Snapshot Games


Phoenix Point is the new strategy game from the creator of the original X-COM series. It features turn based tactics and world based strategy in a fight against a constantly evolving alien menace.

Jettomero: Hero of the Universe by Ghost Time Games


Play as Jettomero, a giant, indestructible, and incredibly clumsy robot determined to save the human race. Explore a procedurally generated universe by flying through space and landing on planets while trying not to destroy everything in your path. Relax as you blast through the cosmos on a hero’s uncertain quest.

Pode by Henchman & Goon


Pode is a co-op puzzle exploration game about two unlikely travel companions going on an exploratory adventure within a mysterious and magical mountain. Through their unique individual talents they reveal a magical world within the mountain by working together to solve the puzzles. Pode is visually inspired by Norwegian art and culture resulting in a stunning exploration game.

Riverbond by Cococucumber


Riverbond is a voxel style dungeon crawler, set in a charmingly destructible world. Embark on a heroic campaign to rid the evil that has befallen the land, solo or together with friends, with drop-in, drop-out couch co-op gameplay for 1-4 players. Hack and slash enemies into tiny cubes, defeat deadly bosses and uncover secrets and treasures. Will you and your friends be the legendary heroes of Riverbond?

Figment by Bedtime Digital Game


Figment is an action-adventure game that invites you to explore a unique surreal universe filled with music, humor and multi layered narrative. Join Dusty and his ever-optimistic friend, Piper, on an adventure through the different sides of the mind seeking to restore the courage that’s been lost.

Beacon by Monothetic


Beacon is a sci-fi action roguelike that plays like a twin stick shooter. With the help of your Clone Bay and DNA collected from defeated enemies, mutate yourself to victory. Fight through a randomly generated alien world you’ve crash landed on to locate your Beacon and signal for rescue.

AER Memories of Old by Forgotten Key


AER is a violence free exploration adventure among the clouds. Transform into a bird and fly to explore and experience a vibrant world of floating islands in the sky. Venture down into lost ancient ruins where each step leads you closer to the end of the world.

Airheart – Tales of Broken Wings by Blindflug Studios


Airheart is a dieselpunk airplane game, telling the tale of young fisherwoman Amelia on her quest to find the legendary skywhale in the stratosphere. But the way to the top is a dangerous one, filled with merciless pirates, mechanical security drones and powerful bosses. You will have to be cunning and resourceful as you ascend and dive through a world of colourful skylayers by hunting for flying fish, searching hidden secrets and using scrap to tinker on your airplane, all the while the ecosystem changes as a result of your actions.

Will you be the one to ascend to the edge of the horizon? Try it when Airheart will be coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC in early summer 2018.

Manifold Garden by William Chyr Studio


Manifold Garden is a first-person exploration game. Rediscover gravity and explore an Escher-esque world of impossible architecture. Witness infinity in first-person, and master its rules to solve physics-defying puzzles. Cultivate a garden to open new paths forward, where an eternal expanse awaits.

Eastshade by Eastshade Studios


Description: You are a traveling painter, exploring the island of Eastshade. Capture the world on canvas using your artist’s easel. Talk to the inhabitants to learn about their lives. Make friends and help those in need. Discover mysteries and uncover secrets about the land. Surmount natural impasses to reach forgotten places. Experience how your actions impact the world around you.

Antigraviator by Cybernetic Walrus


In the year 2210, racing has evolved far beyond its expected limits. New terraforming capabilities paired with scientific breakthroughs in the field of antigravity have given birth to a new spectacle: the Antigraviator tournament. In Antigraviator, players will race on exquisitely detailed stages, full of light-speed danger, chaos and mayhem. Gamers will guide their Grav in three gameplay modes across four different worlds with three tracks each. These dynamic courses come to life, while pushing the power of Unity to the limit.

Endlight by Bigpants


Smash a concrete whirlwind.

For more information about GDC 2018, including the GDC Conference, Summits, Expo, and [email protected], visit the show’s official website, and subscribe to regular updates via Facebook, Twitter, or RSS.

Learn from cutting-edge VR/AR entertainment devs at GDC 2018

Next month the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco will once again feature a curated selection of great stuff for virtual reality developers under the aegis of VRDC @ GDC — including an array of great talks from top VR/AR creators!

Notably, the “‘CocoVR’: Engineering a Cinematic Experience, Spherical Multi-Projection” session — part of the Entertainment AR/VR track of VRDC @ GDC talks — will see Magnopus‘ Luke Schloemer and Xavier Gonzalez discussing how the team at Magnopus (a visual development and experience company) used textures created by Pixar’s rendering pipeline so they could texture the static geometry with lighting equivalent to what they have in their films.

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Get useful game dev tips from Unity, Amazon, and Autodesk at GDC!

If you’re coming to the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco next month, organizers would like to quickly let you know about some of the great day-long sponsored developer days taking place at the show!

These developer day sessions take place during the first two days of GDC (Monday and Tuesday, March 19th and 20th) and offer you an opportunity to engage with and learn from some of the top players in the industry.

For example, Amazon is actually presenting two full days of talks this year. Both will span a wide gamut of interesting Amazon-related topics, including how to improve your game’s reach with Amazon’s Twitch platform, how to build voice-first games for the Amazon Alexa family of voice assistant devices, and how to use Amazon Web Services in everything from multiplayer game design to machine learning in game development. You won’t want to miss it!

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