GDC 2014 features developer days from Unity, Google, Tencent and Amazon

devdays1.jpgGDC 2014 organizers are highlighting more day-long sponsored developer days for the March conference, covering Google hardware, Unity Technologies, Amazon’s AppStream, and more.
These developer days all take place during the second day of GDC’s March conference on Tuesday, March 18 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, CA.

Google will present a bevy of developer day talks about its products and services at GDC 2014, including lectures on how to make games for Google Glass hardware and how to make money from your games using Google’s advertising services. Google specialists from the YouTube, Glass, and Google Play teams will be leading sessions alongside game industry veteran and Google Chief Game Designer Noah Falstein, who will also be leading the first-ever Classic Studio Postmortem about Lucasfilm Games during the main conference.
During the developer day sessions presented by Unity Technologies, Unity’s internal teams will lead talks on topics such as the Unity rendering pipeline, standing out in the Unity Asset Store, and the company’s Mecanim award-winning animation technology. Additionally, attendees can look forward to a presentation on the Unity Cloud integrated marketing/monetization platform, which is currently in beta testing.
Also, Tencent comes to GDC this year to sponsor developer day sessions packed with training and networking opportunities with Tencent executives and partners. Sessions include an informative guide to developing games for mobile chat network WeChat, a presentation on how you can drive downloads of your game by using the Kamcord SDK to build gameplay recording features into your next game, and a talk from the president of ZAM about best practices for enhancing your player’s experience in online gaming communities.
Finally, the Amazon developer day lineup at GDC 2014 will encompass a variety of sessions aimed at helping game makers better utilize Amazon technology in their games. Key Amazon personnel will be on-hand to answer developer questions and lead talks on topics like using the Amazon AppStream to build a better cloud gaming experience on mobile devices, best practices for in-app monetization based on Amazon’s own IAP data, tips and tricks for using Amazon Web Services to build scalable online games, and more.
For more information on these sessions or others in the show’s growing lineup, check out GDC 2014’s official Schedule Builder, which continues to add new talks every week. GDC 2014 itself will take place March 17-21 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco.
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