GDC Europe Day 1: Child of Light, Crytek on team management, and show floor highlights

The first day of GDC Europe in Cologne, Germany is in the books! If you weren’t able to check out the show yourself (or just couldn’t be everywhere you wanted to be at once), read on to see what you missed.

Highlights from the first day of sessions included Ubisoft Far Cry 3 director Patrick Plourde debuting a new, small-team JRPG title called Child of Light; Linda “Brasse” Carlson’s talk on Sony Online Entertainment’s approach to community management; Crytek executive producer Joshua Howard on what game design can teach us about team management; Microsoft’s Age of Empires Online executive producer Kevin Perry on how removing the spending cap saved the game; and Blizzard’s Starcraft 2 lead writer Brian Kindregan on the importance of cinematics for storytelling in real-time strategy games.

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Meanwhile, the show floor had plenty of neat stuff to play with, like Mikolaj “Sos” Kaminski’s Achtung Arcade:


Oculus VR’s HD model of the Oculus Rift was available for demonstrations: 

And GDC’s bosslady Meggan Scavio managed to find time in her busy schedule to enjoy happy hour: 

Of course, people weren’t shy about sharing their GDC Europe thoughts on Twitter, either. Mojang’s Daniel Kaplan told us one key thing he had learned from Dino Dini’s Kick-Off classic game postmortem:

Christian Vuye shared his takeaway on Joshua Howard’s session:

Martin Pichlmair from Broken Rules found the show to be personally important:

And Trenholme Griffin clued us in to a bingo game using the GDC Europe Advisory Board printout:

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