Ken Levine joins GDC 2014 speaker lineup to talk about ‘Narrative Legos’

levine.jpgIrrational Games co-founder Ken Levine is coming to GDC 2014 to give a talk about how we can and should be building non-linear, replayable game sequences that can be combined like narrative Legos.
Levine, currently best known for creating the Bioshock franchise, has spent some time thinking about how narrative in games can be designed to draw on the strengths of interactive media — notably, dynamic content and the ability of the player to participate in the story.

Games afford players the freedom to experience content in different ways across multiple playthroughs, and Levine will be giving a talk at GDC this year about how we might break down a game’s narrative into smaller chunks and allow the player to mix and remix those chunks however they see fit.
Levine’s talk, titled simply Narrative Legos, will explore these ideas in earnest and exhort attendees to stop looking at their games as something like the Death Star playset — a beautiful, single-purpose toy — and more like a humble box of Legos that the player can use to create their own unique experience.

More essential GDC details

Earlier GDC 2014 announcements include a Zork postmortem from progenitor Dave Lebling, the return of the popular #1reasontobe panel, and a roundtable discussion about how best to employ more women in games. Developers on Destiny, Robotron 2084, and The Sims 4 will also be giving talks.
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