GDC 2018 is proud to once again donate passes to the Indie Giving Charity!

It’s that time again: with the 2018 Game Developers Conference just a month away, organizers are proud to announce that for the sixth year running, 30 GDC Indie Games Summit tickets will be donated to the 2018 Indie Giving initiative in partnership with the fantastic Indie Giving charity.

The goal of this enduring partnership with Indie Giving, which continues to be overseen by FGL chief and indie community veteran Chris Hughes, is to give back to people in need — and give indie game makers who are generous with their time an opportunity to attend GDC at an affordable rate.

GDC officials have reserved 30 of the sold-out Indie Games Summit passes for purchase through the Indie Giving package program. To purchase these $349 packages, you must agree to give back to the local community by volunteering to participate in an onsite project before GDC 2018.

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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds‘ creator speaks about his path to game dev at GDC 2018!

How did Brendan “PlayerUnknown” Greene navigate the road from amateur game modder to creative director of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, one of the biggest games in years?

Find out at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco next month, where Greene will be presenting an extensive Design track talk on the subject titled “‘PLAYERUNKNOWN’: From Mod Creator to Creative Director of PUBG.”

It promises to be a talk packed with useful learnings, as Greene intends to trace his history in games, mod making, and the path he took to become creative director at Bluehole Inc. From humble beginnings making a mod for the Arma series, to the huge success of his game-mode in H1Z1, he’ll explore what it took to create a new genre in gaming.

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Speaker Q&A: Kurt Loudy and Jake Campbell break down the combat philosophy of DOOM

When id Software resurrected the demon-slaying shooter DOOM in 2016, it did so by reinventing the standards of first-person shooter combat, encouraging players to constantly engage with their monstrous foes and never disengage until the last monster falls.

If you were enthralled by that combat system, then you might want to check out this upcoming session at the 2018 Game Developers Conference from id Softwares’ Kurt Loudy and Jake Campbell, the senior systems designer and AI programmer who led the charge on DOOM’s combat. To give you a sneak peak of their talk, we reached out to Campbell and Loudy to discuss their work on DOOM and their experiences in the game industry.

Don’t miss out! The Game Developers Conference in San Francisco next March is going to be full of interesting and informative sessions like Loudy & Campbell’s. For more visit the show’s official website.

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Attend GDC 2018 for a behind-the-scenes look at Shadow of War‘s Nemesis system!

As you gear up for the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco next month, don’t miss out on the great session from the folks at Monolith Productions that’s all about how to design characters that players hate — or hate to love.

Monolith has done something singular with the Nemesis system in its Middle-earth games (Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor and Middle-earth: Shadow of War), and in his Design track talk “Helping Players Hate (or Love) Their Nemesis” Monolith lead systems designer Chris Hoge will show you how that system is designed and how the studio has used it to create characters that evoke strong emotional reactions in players.

Hoge will describe philosophies and features that were used in the design of both Middle-earth games, including the goal of maximizing players’ positive and negative emotions. The session will show how these features have been effective, while highlighting philosophies and techniques for making Orcs more memorable, designing exceptional moments and keeping the player-Orc relationships going.

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Sustainability is a key focus for GDC 2018!

The Game Developers Conference in San Francisco next month is overflowing with great stuff to see and do, so today organizers want to quickly let you know about some of the ways the conference is being organized with sustainability in mind.

This is important because a lot of people converge on San Francisco to attend GDC every year, and organizers want all of them to feel informed about what, specifically, is being done to minimize environmental impact and ensure the event is an ethical, sustainable business.

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Here’s a taste of the games you’ll see at the GDC 2018 Experimental Gameplay Workshop!

With just weeks to go until the 2018 Game Developers Conference, organizers are excited to give you a heads-up about the great lineup taking shape for this year’s Experimental Gameplay Workshop.

This jam-packed session — which takes place at 1:30 PM on the final day of GDC week, Friday, March 23rd — will showcase a vivacious mix of eclectic game prototypes that explore new ideas and genres.

Dynamic duo Robin Hunicke (Luna, WattamJourney) and Daniel Benmergui (Storyteller, Ernesto) have once again worked to curate the projects showcased at this year’s EGW, and it promises to be an exciting opportunity for presenters and attendees alike to explore some fresh territory in game design.

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Catch a UX postmortem of Halo Wars 2 at GDC 2018

It’s nearly here: the 2018 Game Developers Conference! As you prepare yourself accordingly, the folks organizing the show (which runs March 19th through the 23rd) want to make sure you don’t overlook a fascinating presentation from 343 Industries about the design of the latest Halo Wars game.

In his UX Summit talk on “Halo Wars 2‘: A UX Postmortem” 343 Industries’ Max Szlagor will review the trade-offs and successes of designing great controls and experiences for two very different platform audiences (console and PC).

Check out this talk and you’ll walk away with an understanding of how establishing solid design and UX pillars can help focus game dev teams and specialists working around the world to deliver a compelling, approachable experience across multiple platforms and input options.

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Speaker Q&A: Evan Skolnick discusses the growth of writing roles in the games industry

As technological advancements in the games industry have marched forward, so too have the ability for games to tell interesting and innovative stories. One of the developers responsible for some of those stories is writer and narrative designer Evan Skolnick, veteran of LucasArts, 2K, and Telltale Games. Most recently, he helped the team at Studio MDHR conjure a story for the indie hit Cuphead.

At GDC 2018, Skolnick will be offering a crash-course on storytelling fundamentals for game designers of all backgrounds, and participating in other panels in the narrative summit. To discuss his lengthy writing career, and get you ready for his talk, we’ve reached out to Skolnick for a quick Q&A you can read below.

Don’t miss out! The Game Developers Conference in San Francisco next March is going to be full of interesting and informative sessions like Skolnick’s. For more visit the show’s official website.

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Enjoy this Valentine’s Day-themed look at a few great GDC 2018 talks!

Given that today’s the day so many people celebrate Valentine’s Day, organizers of the 2018 Game Developers Conference thought it might be fun to highlight some of the great talks taking place at the conference next month which tackle the tricky topics of how to handle love, lust, and friendship in the games you make.

Some of these are tongue-in-cheek suggestions, while others are earnest explorations of how to write great relationships into your work, but all promise to be both fun and informative.

For example, veteran game writer & narrative designer Michelle Clough is coming back to GDC this year to deliver a great talk on “Eros in Play: Writing and Designing Sex Scenes (Part 2).”

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Director YOKO TARO to discuss the making of Nier: Automata at GDC 2018

The folks behind the 2018 Game Developers Conference are excited to announce that both Nier: Automata director YOKO TARO and game designer Takahisa Taura are coming to the show in San Francisco next month to speak frankly about how (and why) they made the game!

Their hour-long Design track talk on the topic, appropriately titled “A Fun Time in Which Some No-Good Game Developers May or May Not Discuss ‘How we made NieR:Automata“, promises to be both fascinating and entertaining.

Normally we try to provide you with a quick summary when we want to bring an especially exciting talk to your attention, but this time we decided to just share the official session description with you. Here, then, is a taste of what you’ll see if you attend this Nier: Automata talk at GDC:

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