Come hone your skills at the Community Management Summit

The 2018 Game Developers Conference is nearly upon us, so organizers want to give you a quick glimpse at some of the smart, forward-thinking talks you’ll find at the GDC 2018 Community Management Summit.

It promises to be a great Summit, one of eight that will take place Monday, March 19th and Tuesday, March 20th at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, CA — the first two days of the conference.

For example, the “Rocket League‘: Language Ban System Postmortem“, Summit talk will see Psyonix community manager Devin Connors breaking down how the language ban was designed, how it works, and what impact its implementation had on the Rocket League community over time.

It promises to be a fascinating talk, one that will prove especially useful for community managers looking to learn more about how they can use homegrown automation (with oversight) to deal with verbal harassment in online games in all genres.

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Speaker Q&A: Esports Day organizer Patrick Miller’s practical advice for esports devs

The business of esports, while fresh and exciting for many in the games industry, also comes with a lot of risks, unexpected costs, and surprising developments. Fortunately, at this year’s Game Developers Conference, there’s going to be a whole day dedicated to solutions for those in the business of electronic athleticism.

Lurking in the shadows of this event will be Riot Games game designer Patrick Miller, who has organized a day full useful and exciting talks about the topic of esports. For your benefit, we’ve reached out to him to pick his brain about practical ways to talk about the business and design of esports, and find out what attendees can expect from this event.

Don’t miss out! The Game Developers Conference in San Francisco next March is going to be full of interesting and informative sessions like Miller’s. For more visit the show’s official website.

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Learn to build better eSports at the GDC 2018 eSports Day!

As you gear up to attend the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco next month, organizers want to make sure you don’t overlook some of the great eSports-related content on offer at the show!

The focused Esports Day is just one of many great Bootcamps and Tutorials scheduled during the first two days of GDC (Monday and Tuesday, March 19th and 20th this year), and it offers a focused look at the art and business of games that can support significant, high-level professional play.

GDC 2018 attendees who come to the Esports Day (Monday, March 19th) will learn how to attract and support professional players and teams, journalists, content creators, and grassroots player organizations in a day-long series of panels and presentations. If you want to learn about growing your eSports ecosystem alongside long-time developers, publishers, and eSports community leaders, this is where you want to be.

For example, in “Developing Competitive Communities through Conventions” Twitch’s Rick Thiher will explore how the events he helped develop, particularly the fighting game convention Combo Breaker in Illinois, have helped empower communities by celebrating and improving niche activities.

He will share how his goal has, and will continue to be, improving event experiences that instill camaraderie and create life-long community members; so that one day the culture is pervasive enough to support non-endemic fandom. It’s a goal he’d like to see shared in eSports at large.

And in “Crossing Over: Traditional Sports Come to Esports” ESPN senior editor Ryan Garfat will present an overview of the traditional sports world coming into the eSports scene with big money investments, with a specific focus on League of Legends and the Overwatch League.

Notably, you’ll see the timeline that got the industry to this point, the names involved, the teams, how involved these traditional outlets are in the scene, is/was it needed, and what it means for eSports!

Trust us, you won’t want to miss any of these talks. For more details on these and all other announced talks head over to the online GDC 2018 Session Scheduler, where you can plan out your week at the show.

For more information on GDC 2018, visit the show’s official website, or subscribe to regular updates via Facebook, Twitter, or RSS.

Speaker Q&A: Leif Walter discusses the possibilities of artificial intelligence in games

Strategy games are about evaluating strengths and weaknesses of many moving parts. These strengths and weaknesses influence how players engage with the game, and it also affects AI decision-making. As a designer, the balancing of these parts is crucial to make the game engaging and interesting.

If you are such a designer trying to improve your game’s design, you should know you should know that Creative Assembly’s Leif Walter will be giving a talk at GDC 2018 discussing the company’s new approach to several old AI problems.

To get you ready for Walter’s talk, which will be in the design and programming tracks, we’ve reached out to him for a few answers about life as a game designer that may prove illuminating for GDC attendees.

Don’t miss out! The Game Developers Conference in San Francisco next March is going to be full of interesting and informative sessions like Walter’s. For more visit the show’s official website.

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Learn to make games for ARKit, straight from Apple, at GDC 2018!

The 2018 Game Developers Conference is right around the corner, and this year organizers are pleased to present a cutting-edge talk on augmented reality game design for Apple’s ARKit at the event next month.

As part of the Programming track of talks, Apple is sponsoring a session, “Introduction to Apple’s ARKit: Best practices and recent updates“, that promises to give devs an inside look at the core framework of its ARKit API, direct from the source.

The session, presented by Apple’s Michael Kuhn, explains how to get started with ARKit using the different tracking and scene understanding capabilities as well integration into rendering/game engines.  In addition, it explains basic concepts and challenges of AR and computer vision to help avoid common pitfalls and allow the creation of great experiences!

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Study the AI and ‘Freak-O-System’ of Sony’s Days Gone at GDC 2018

As you plan out what to do and see at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco next month, be sure not to overlook Sony Bend’s intriguing talk on the open-world AI of its upcoming post-apocalyptic game Days Gone.

Under the aegis of the AI Summit, Sony Bend Studio’s Darren Chisum and Tobias Karlsson will be giving a great talk with a gret title: “The “Freak-O-System”: The Dynamic Open World of Sony’s ‘Days Gone.”

Their talk looks at the AI and gameplay components used to create the dynamic and interactive open world of Days Gone. They’ll cover some of the different AI units, and how they interact with one another in the Freak-O-System.

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Here are the films you’ll see at the inaugural GDC Film Festival!

Game Developers Conference organizers are delighted to announce the films selected to be part of the inaugural GDC Film Festival, one of the first ever documentary & narrative film fests focused on the art and culture of video games!

Sponsored by Steam, the 1st Annual GDC Film Festival will take place at the Yerba Buena Center For The Arts’ Screening Room—directly adjacent to the Moscone Center—from Monday, March 19th to Wednesday, March 21st during Game Developers Conference 2018.

Screenings will be open to all GDC 2018 pass holders, on a first-come, first-served basis. Across the three days, there will be a wide range of documentaries based around the video game medium, including world premieres and a selection of work-in-progress presentations from top documentary webseries creators.

The Festival will include onstage Q&As with film-makers, and game producer/designer and journalist Mathew Kumar will be MC-ing the festival and has co-programmed the featured selection.

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Come to GDC for an inside look at ILMxLAB’s location-based VR experiences!

The Game Developers Conference in San Francisco this March is filled to overflowing with great content, so today organizers want to quickly draw your attention to a very cool talk at the show from the folks at Lucasfilm and ILMxLab!

As part of the Programming track of GDC 2018 talks, Lucasfilm’s Stephen Hill and Ron Radeztsky will join ILMxLAB’s Lutz Latta to present an hour-long session on “Powering Up ILMxLAB’s Location-Based VR Experiences.”

It’s going to be a fascinating talk because last year ILMxLAB developed a number of location-based VR experiences (see photo), among them the Oscar-winning Carne y Arena, Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire, Star Wars: Droid Repair Bay, and Transformers: The Last Night VR.

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Speaker Q&A: Blizzard’s Lana Bachynski discusses the joy of good game animation

If you’re a game animator, you’re probably already well aware that the Game Animation Bootcamp at GDC is one of the best resources out there for neophyte and veteran animators alike. In fact, there’s already an assortment of great talks listed for the 2018 Bootcamp, which is being organized by animators Lana Bachynski and Michael Jungbluth.

To get you ready for all the great sessions, we’ve reached out to Bachynski, who works as an animator at Blizzard Entertainment, to learn more about her career and what animators can expect at GDC 2018.

Don’t miss out! The Game Developers Conference in San Francisco next March is going to be full of interesting and informative bootcamps like Bachynski’s. For more visit the show’s official website.

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Learn from top game artists and directors at the Art Direction Bootcamp!

If you’re coming to GDC 2018 next month, you should know about some of the informative and intriguing sessions taking place during the day-long Art Direction Bootcamp which will help kick off the conference.

It’s just one of many great Bootcamps and Tutorials scheduled during the first two days of GDC (Monday and Tuesday, March 19th and 20th this year) and offer attendees the chance to focus on the critical components of a game’s art direction, and its creators’ broader artistic vision.

GDC 2018 attendees are invited to attend the Monday bootcamp and join the leading artistic forces of our industry as they share their experiences and discuss some of the most important issues of the day. Learn a ton about what really matters in art, and how to build or support a vision and make friends doing it.

There will be a wealth of concentrated art-specific information from the top minds of the industry that should be interesting not just to newbies and students, but seasoned professionals who are concerned with pressing issues of the day and industry realities.

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