See John Carmack discuss the dawn of mobile VR development at GDC

The 2015 Game Developers Conference is less than a month away, and today conference officials are excited to announce another high-profile session that attendees should make time to attend.

John Carmack, CTO of Oculus VR and co-founder of id Software, will be speaking about “The Dawn of Mobile VR” on Wednesday, March 4th for at least an hour and a half (and probably longer) at GDC 2015.

Attendees will have the chance to hear Carmack discuss the technical details of making mobile VR a reality; techniques and strategies for maximizing the quality of your VR games, applications, and experiences; and thoughts about the future of VR, including what it means for the mobile ecosystem.

The session will be followed by a question and answer session that will last until all questions are answered or everyone is chased out.

Carmack hopes developers will walk away with a better understanding of mobile VR, techniques and strategies for developing mobile VR content, and what the future of consumer VR might look like.

It promises to be a can’t-miss talk for attendees interested in VR or mobile VR development; If you’re not already an attendee, don’t worry — passes are still available for purchase via the GDC website.

Further details on this and many more announced talks are available now in the online GDC 2015 Session Scheduler, where you can begin to plan out your conference week and later export it to the up-to-the-minute GDC Mobile App, coming soon.

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