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Learn about virtual reality and augmented reality in game development across disciplines including Design, Production, Programming, and Visual Art at [email protected], Monday and Tuesday March 19-20, 2018. Be inspired by interesting and current work happening in VR and AR game development with valuable, actionable, and inspiring takeaways. Register for an All Access Pass or add VRDC to your GDC conference pass to attend.

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The Story of 'Luna': Designing Accessible PC and VR Experiences
Robin Hunicke (Funomena)
PC games are established (and therefore lucrative), but VR, AR and MR experiences are clearly the future. Why not build your next title for both audiences? This talk will explore design challenges and solutions faced while developing 'Luna' for both PC and VR players.
Mobile VR Is Awesome! Creating UI That Feels Great
Jeffrey Hesser (Harmonix)
Kevin Cavanaugh (Harmonix)
This talk addresses the specific challenges Harmonix's team faced and lessons they learned about developing UI for Mobile VR during the development of the GearVR title, 'SingSpace'. This lecture will discuss how Harmonix developed and actively used clear goals to guide the process, the lessons learned about ergonomic design for Mobile VR, and the challenges faced in balancing the need for lots of information in a game that also required social interaction with other avatars.
Brown-Boxing to Spy Cameras: Playtesting VR Across Six Platforms
Shawn Patton (Schell Games)
A new medium like VR calls for new tips and tricks for making the best experience on schedule and under budget. Learn how rapid VR physical prototyping, or brown-boxing, can get your team to testing better experiences faster. From 3 DOF to 6 DOF to 6.3 DOF, this lecture covers aspects of software, hardware, sanitation, testing locations, what data to record before, during, and after a playtest, and how to use that data efficiently. As Design Director on the VR title 'I Expect You to Die', Project Director on the Vive title 'Water Bears VR', and consultant on Gear and Daydream titles, speaker Shawn Patton has seen it all and his talk will give you the tools you need to rapidly iterate on what's important, have great playtests, get easily usable data, and make great VR games.
Hardware vs. Software: UX Loops, 1960s to Now
Timoni West (Speaker Strategies)
This session will examine the creation of robust editing tools with emerging hardware from the 1960s to today. The presenter will explain how applying lessons from the past can help create future AR. The session will strive to answer questions such as: Since people desire to inspect objects up close in digital worlds, how do you maintain, or work around, this fidelity issue? Could you opt-in to the digital worlds around you if you don't have an app for that? What level of realism do you need in immersive displays before you can really trick lizard-brain levels of perception?


Daniel Aasheim
Daniel Aasheim has produced world-class interactive entertainment for over 20 years. As the Senior Development Producer at xLAB, his current focus is premium, story-based interactive experiences for VR and MR. Before joining ILM, Daniel was a co-founder of Rebel Entertainment; led production at Hangout Industries; and was Director of Production at the Disney Interactive Media Group, where he oversaw production of award-winning virtual worlds Toontown Online and Pirates of the Caribbean Online. Prior to that, Daniel spent several years as the producer for the VR Studio at Walt Disney Imagineering. During his tenure there he collaborated on numerous R&D projects speci?c to interactive entertainment and pre-visualization for the parks and produced a series of innovative virtual reality theme park attractions including, Aladdin's Magic Carpet Ride, Hercules in the Underworld, and the THEA-winning Pirates of the Caribbean, Battle for Buccaneer Gold.
Chet Faliszek
Bossa Studios
Chet Faliszek is currently the creative director at Bossa Studios working on an unannounced title. Previously he worked 12 years at Valve where he was co-project lead on the Left 4 Dead series and a writer on numerous franchises including the Half-life, Portal, and Team Fortress. He spent the last three years at Valve working with outside developers and platforms to help launch Steam VR.

Besides his duties at Bossa, he also continues to work with independent developers focusing on Virtual Reality.

And yes, he also thinks Erik Wolpaw is the funnier of the two.
Robin Hunicke
Robin Hunicke is a game designer and co-founder at Funomena, working on the VR title 'Luna', the AR title, '?WOORLD' and the PC/Console title, 'Wattam'. She has been designing and making games for over 12 years ('Journey', 'Boom Blox', 'MySims', 'TheSims2').  An outspoken advocate for diversity in our industry, she helps organize Amplifying New Voices, and co-curates the Experimental Gameplay Workshop, and is Associate Professor and Director of the Art, Games and Playable Media BA program at UC Santa Cruz.
Dan Hurd
Playful Corp
A lizardman rogue, selected as one of eight user-generated characters to enter the dreaded Crypts of the Forgotten, Dan Hurd returns to the surface to barter his enchanted loot and to direct the 'Super Lucky's Tale' team. He has previously worked on 'Lucky's Tale', 'Creativerse', and several of the 'With Friends' mobile titles. He can dual-wield one-handed weapons without penalty.
Alex Schwartz
Owlchemy Labs
Alex Schwartz is the CEO (Chief Executive Owl) and Janitor of VR studio Owlchemy Labs, creators of the HTC Vive, Oculus Touch, and PlayStation VR triple-platform launch title 'Job Simulator' as well as 'Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality'. As one of the first studios to dive head-first into the VR space, Owlchemy Labs' efforts have resulted in some of the top played VR content in the world, earning them a Sundance Nomination for Job Simulator as well as the opportunity to ship inside the box with the HTC Vive. As co-founder of the VR Austin group, Alex plays an active role in the gaming and VR community by speaking around the world, organizing events, and smoking various exotic meats down in Austin, TX.

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