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A Week of Advocacy Lessons

Addressing topics ranging from diversity to censorship to quality of life within the realm of social advocacy in the game industry, Advocacy sessions aim to provide a forum for discussion and ultimately a place to effect change for the development community.

Fair Play Summit

One-Day Summit | Monday or Tuesday | March 16-17, 2020

The Fair Play Alliance is an organization of over 130 gaming companies from around the world committed to fostering healthy player interactions as a core part of how developers make games. The summit seeks to curate and empower the creation of best practices and share those practices across the industry. Topics of focus include designing for player dynamics, reducing disruptive behavior including hate and harassment, creating and fostering diverse and inclusive games and gaming spaces, establishing healthy player interaction as a product or business focus, esports and streaming, combating bias in games and development, policy and guideline design, social design and systems, multicultural gaming, and more.

Check out the newly added 2020 sessions below and view the full 2019 lineup here.

Representing LGBT+ Characters in Games: Two Case Studies

Tori Schafer Tori Schafer (Eggnut Entertainment)

Legal Battle Royale

Greg Boyd (Frankfurt Kurnit Klein & Selz PC)
Mona Ibrahim (IE Law Group)
Stephen McArthur (The McArthur Law Firm)
Christopher Reid (Tilting Point)

Sexy Microtalks: Designing Sex and Emotions

Emily Grace Buck (Freelance)
Francesca Carletto-Leon (Contigo Games)
Marina Diez (GamesAid)
Lindsay Grace (University of Miami)
Kate Gray (KO_OP)
Aubrey Isaacman (Independent)
Kyle Machulis (Nonpolynomial)
Heidi McDonald (Disruptor Beam)

Core Concepts Sessions: Advocacy

Wednesday-Friday | March 18-20, 2020

The learning continues Wednesday through Friday with Core Concepts presentations. Check out the newly added 2020 sessions below.

Accessibility Best Practices: In-Game Communication

Karen Stevens (EA SPORTS)

Apex Legends: Fighting for Character Representation and Diversity

Mohammad Alavi Mohammad Alavi (Respawn Entertainment)

Mental Health State of the Industry: Past, Present & Future

Eve Crevoshay Eve Crevoshay (Take This)




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