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A Week of Advocacy Lessons

Addressing topics ranging from diversity to censorship to quality of life within the realm of social advocacy in the game industry, Advocacy sessions aim to provide a forum for discussion and ultimately a place to effect change for the development community.

Fair Play Summit

One-Day Summit | Tuesday | July 20, 2021

The Fair Play summit seeks to curate and empower the creation of best practices and share those practices across the industry. Topics of focus include designing for player dynamics, reducing disruptive behavior including hate and harassment, creating and fostering diverse and inclusive games and gaming spaces, establishing healthy player interaction as a product or business focus, esports and streaming, combating bias in games and development, policy and guideline design, social design and systems, multicultural gaming, and more. 

Building Blocks For Policy Development

Connie Chung (Trust & Safety, Twitch), Robert Lewington (Twitch)

Creating Inclusive Content In the Metaverse and Beyond

Laura Higgins (Roblox), Robin Hunicke (Funomena), Ashley Scott (Roblox), Anat Shperling (Toya)

Evaluating Game Features for Disruptive and Positive Behavior

Weszt Hart (Riot Games)

Core Concepts Sessions: Advocacy

Wednesday-Friday | July 21-23, 2021

The learning continues Wednesday through Friday with Core Concepts presentations. Check out 2021 session highlights below.

Charm Your Communities

Victoria Tran (Innersloth)

Building Pipelines to Find, Grow, and Retain Diverse Talent

Trinidad  Hermida (Niantic Inc), Davina Mackey (Sony Interactive Entertainment), Nika Nour (IGDA Foundation), Paul Saiedi (Unity Technologies), Sarah Spiers (IGDA Foundation)

Accessibility Best Practices: Mobility Considerations

Karen Stevens  (Electronic Arts)



Connecting the Global Game Development Community