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A Week of Game Narrative Lessons

Learn about interactive narrative in all forms, including AAA blockbusters, indie games, mobile, and social projects from fundamentals of story development theory to practical case studies.

Game Narrative Summit

Two-Day Summit | Monday and Tuesday | July 19-20, 2021

Join the Game Narrative Summit to hear an all-star lineup of speakers covering advanced theory and practical case studies for writers, designers, producers, and others with a passionate interest in the ongoing evolution of interactive storytelling.

Connected Worlds: Building Dynamic Storyworlds Using Network Theory

Gerben Grave (Multiverse Narratives)

Press Y to Cry: Generating Emotions in Videogame Narrative

Andrew Walsh (Independent)

Punching Upwards: A Panel On Satire, Truthtelling, And How A Comedic Premise Goes From Idea To Playable

Shawn Allen (NuChallenger), Samantha Gorman (Tender Claws), Dave Kornfeld (Independent), Evan Narcisse (Independent)

Game Storytelling Fundamentals Workshop

One-Day Workshop | Monday | July 19, 2021

The Storytelling Fundamentals Workshop is designed for anyone and everyone interested in improving the narrative quality of their games. Hosted by Marvel and Telltale writing veteran Evan Skolnick, this comprehensive tutorial covers narrative structure, vibrant character development, storytelling best practices, and more. This session is designed to provide that common frame of reference so that everyone on the team is driving the game story in the same direction.

Storytelling Fundamentals Workshop

Evan Skolnick (Independent)

Game Narrative Review Winners

Every year, students at leading game design programs conduct a detailed analysis of the narrative elements of a game title of their choice as part of the Game Narrative Review Competition. The resulting papers are submitted to the GDC writing board for review, and the submitters with the most promising entries are then invited to create a poster as a visual synopsis of their review. Successful poster submissions are declared winners and exhibited at the GDC.   



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