Come and level up your VFX coding skills

Looking to learn learn alternative approaches to emitting particles from game environment elements, characters and various other renderable objects utilizing shaders and compute and textures to drive and animate particle emission for GPU-based particle systems?

Then you need to come to the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco next March because it's going to be packed with practical, informative sessions, including a talk by veteran game dev Christina Coffin on just this subject.

In her Programming track talk "Beyond Emitters: Shader and Surface Driven GPU Particle FX Techniques" Coffin will share details on how particle emitting surfaces and shaders can transfer material attributes and other properties to various spawned particle types. Critically, her talk will cover technical implementation details, various optimizations, and workflow approaches.

It promises to be a fantastic talk, though you may want to brush up on the fiddly bits of rendering pipelines (compute, shaders, etc) before you see it!

And if that's not up your alley, no worries -- we have lots more GDC 2018 announcements to make in the coming months! For more information about GDC 2018 visit the show's official website, and subscribe to regular updates via Facebook, Twitter, or RSS.




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