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Come to VRDC Fall 2017 for expert tips on designing and demoing VR experiences

Heads up, VR fans: Organizers of the Virtual Reality Developers Conference are excited to highlight two more great sessions for VRDC Fall 2017, which is happening September 21-22 at a bigger, better venue in San Francisco!

Don't miss your opportunity to save money by registering for the conference early -- you can still register for passes at a discounted rate!

And while you're at the conference, don't miss audio and game dev wizard Richard Ludlow's talk on "Crafting Immersive Audio Experiences in VR"! It's part of VRDC Fall 2017's Games & Entertainment track of talks, and it's worth seeing because Ludlow  aims to educate and empower VR developers by exploring advanced immersion techniques with regards to audio.

His presentation will explore techniques such as multi-dimensional spatial layering, ambisonic sound formats, and HRTF spatialization plugins. It will also offer tips for immersive 3D sonic environments and introduce a range of techniques, technologies, and challenges associated with audio in VR - a critical component of immersive experience design!

VRDC Fall 2017 is also proud to host Alkaline Games cofounder Serafina Pechan, who will be speaking as part of the event's Brand Experience track of talks. Her talk, aplty titled "Avoiding Demo Nightmares: Did You Just Reach Down My Blouse?", is important, based as it is on the many awkward and bumbling VR demos Pechan has experienced (and in some cases given).

VR is unique in the development industry because it takes a population of mostly desk workers and asks them to physically interact with others at a near intimate level. When demoing VR, you are often standing very close, touching people's heads, eyes, ears, and hands. This talk demonstrates the best (and worst) practices and strategies to implement (or avoid) during your own VR/AR demos. Don't skip it!

Plus, conference organizers look forward to announcing many more fantastic VRDC Fall 2017 talks in the weeks ahead.

Since tickets sold out for the first three VRDC events, VRDC Fall 2017 will offer more sessions and move to a bigger location at the Hilton Union Square in San Francisco, CA September 21-22.

For more information on VRDC Fall 2017, visit the show's official website and subscribe to regular updates via Twitter and Facebook.



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