Submissions are now open for the GDC 2019 Tutorials!

Hey devs, GDC 2019 has put out a call for submissions of lectures and panels that would be a good fit for 6 of the conference's popular Tutorials, from the Level Design Workshop to eSports Day!

Attend XRDC this month to see how XR is shaping the auto industry

Preparations are well underway for XRDC in San Francisco later this month, and as you finalize your travel plans for this AR/VR/MR innovation event, now seems like a great time to highlight some of the fascinating automotive content you'll see at the show!

Come out to XRDC and see how AR/VR is revolutionizing healthcare!

With just four weeks to go until XRDC kicks off in San Francisco later this month, event organizers want to be sure you don't miss out on some of the fascinating opportunities you'll have to see the future of healthcare at this premier conference for augmented, virtual, and mixed reality innovators.

XRDC speaker Q&A: Sarah Hill on the power of well-being XR tech

Outside the world of games, VR and XR don't just have potential to help in advanced medical procedures, they also have the power to help people in their day to day well-being, coping with stress and other mental health challenges.

XRDC speaker Q&A: Laura Dodds on digitally recreating Sir David Attenborough

When working in virtual reality, it's not often that developers get to recreate the image of people who've influenced the world in so many important ways. But at XRDC this year, Dream Reality Interactive art director Laura Dodds will be discussing about what it's like to recreate someone's presence in virtual reality and honor their work in the process.




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