At GDC 2018, For Honor devs share lessons learned about sustaining a live game

Now that registration is open for the 2018 Game Developers Conference, event organizers want to keep you apprised of all the great stuff that's being planned for the March event.

Notably, there's an exciting presentation (which spans the Production & Team Management and Design tracks of talks) from the folks at Ubisoft about their experiences launching the multiplayer melee game For Honor, and maintaining it as a "live game" for over a year.

Together, For Honor creative director Roman Campos Oriola and game director Damien Kieken will tell the tale of their game in their GDC 2018 talk "'For Honor': From a Great Launch to a Challenging Live Period."

It promises to be a neat talk that digs into a retrospective of the game's successful betas and launch, its post-launch hurdles (from technical problems to community management), and how the team addressed these challenges by working hand-in-hand with the community to improve competitive gameplay, create new content, adjust pipelines AND meet growing player expectations all while staying live.

So don't miss it! And of course, we have lots more GDC 2018 announcements to make in the coming months, so stay tuned.

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