See Final Fantasy XV's selfie system deconstructed at GDC 2017!

As the 2017 Game Developers Conference draws nigh, organizers want to make sure you don't miss out on one of the more intriguing talks of the show -- about the auto-generated selfies in Square Enix's Final Fantasy XV!

Prasert "Sun" Prasertvithyakarn is a lead game designer at Square Enix, and in his GDC 2017 talk on "Prompto's Facebook: How a Buddy-AI Auto-Snapshots Your Adventure in FFXV"  he'll explain how the system works and why it's so important to the narrative of the latest Final Fantasy.

See, Prasertvithyakarn believes photos are what make a trip. In Final Fantasy XV, one of your camera-maniac best buddies, Prompto, will automatically take a picture of your adventure in the game for you. The snapshot he takes is not the classic screenshot that most users are familiar with. Instead it is a picture what Prompto actually sees in the game, enhanced with some fun features. Since no one does the same play, no one will have the same picture as you; the image represents your unique adventure.

Come to the session and you'll walk away with a knowledge of how an auto-snapshot feature changes game experiences, how to use photos to characterize a game character, and technical knowledge for the design of automatic snapshot. Attendees will also gain inspiration for and knowledge of new generation game auto-recording features, and the creation of "emotional AI".

It's going to be a great talk, so don't skip it! And if you haven't yet, don't miss your opportunity to save money by registering early -- the deadline to register for passes at a discounted rate is today January 18, 2017!

GDC 2017 itself will take place February 27th - March 3rd at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. For more information on GDC 2017, visit the show's official website, or subscribe to regular updates via Facebook, Twitter, or RSS.




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