Learn about AR and VR's unique therapeutic potential at XRDC 2018!

Are you read for XRDC in San Francisco next month? We're almost there, and as the final pieces fall into place we wanted to take a moment to quickly highlight another exciting session at the event that promises to expand your understanding of how augmented reality and virtual reality can be used to help heal people.

From Beat Saber to Moss, don't miss all the insightful XRDC game talks!

Want to get a behind-the-scenes look at the design and development of Beat Games' Beat Saber? How about the charming PlayStation VR adventure game Moss? Then you'll want to be at XRDC in San Francisco next month, because the folks who made those games will be part of the event's roster of expert speakers!

XRDC speaker Q&A: Chris O'Connor and using VR in the auto biz

While much has been made about VR's potential for video games and the healthcare business, it's the automotive industry that has been quietly investing large amounts of time and effort into virtual reality, something several speakers will be discussing at this year's XRDC.

XRDC speaker Q&A: Jenna Goldberg and the art of data visualization in AR

There's data processing, and then there's understanding data. Normally, when trying to sift through reams and reams of data, you're working on screens or with physical spreadsheets, using whatever 2-D tools you have on hand to give that data any context you can.




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