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The Fair Play Alliance is a cross-industry initiative spanning over 90 gaming companies whose mission is to share research and best practices that drive lasting change in fostering fair play in online games. They provide a forum for gaming professionals and companies to work together to develop and share best practices in encouraging healthy communities and awesome player interactions in online gaming.

Featured Sessions

Fair Play Alliance Keynote

Basic Tools for Healthy Communities

Laura Warner (Niantic)
Kenny Shores (Riot Games)
Jess Hollmeier (Supercell)

Impact of Social Systems and Game Design on Player Interactions

Naomi McArthur & Kenny Shores (Riot Games)

Reporting Metasystem Design and Penalization Strategy Best Practices

Jiayin Wang (Tencent)
Carlos Figueiredo (Fair Play Alliance)
Chris Priebe (Two Hat Security)
George Kennedy III (Intel)

Dispelling Common Player Behavior Myths

Natasha Miller (Blizzard Entertainment)

Player Behavior Research Microtalks




Connecting the Global Game Development Community