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Two-Day Summit | Monday and Tuesday | March 16-17, 2020

Learn to create amazing, immersive VR and AR experiences for games and entertainment at the Virtual Reality Developers Conference (VRDC). Be inspired, learn from experts, and share best practices to create augmented and virtual reality for games, films, and other forms of entertainment.

Entertainment VR/AR

Approaches to 4D Volumetric Characters in XR Games and Entertainment

Richard Perrin (Hammerhead VR)

Chained: Motion-Capture and Live Actors at the Center of VR

Justin Denton (Independent)
Ethan Stearns (MWM Interactive)

Game VR/AR

Beyond the Wave Shooter: Innovation in Location Based VR Design

Michael Hampden (Sandbox VR)

Make Your Game Run on Quest (and Look Pretty Too)

Allena Hail (Funomena)

Until You Fall: Building Satisfying VR Combat on a Budget

Dave Bennett (Schell Games)
Patrick Jalbert (Schell Games)

VRDC 2019 Sponsors

VRDC Tabletop

We make virtuality touchable, researching and developing haptic wearable technology for AR/VR.

VRDC Tabletop

Developers everywhere rely on Khronos standards for cross-platform, high-performance graphics, AR/VR, GPU computing and more. The Khronos® Group is a member-funded consortium, open for any company to join, where the industry meets to create open, royalty-free standards such as Vulkan®, OpenXR™, WebGL™, and glTF™

VRDC Tabletop

We are a mobile immersive gaming and software tech startup based in Cambridge, UK. Our team is experienced Arm and Sony veterans in mobile tech and game development. We develop VR, AR and MR mobile games and an engine written from scratch for next generation mobile XR games and content.

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