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Take an inside look at key architectures and issues within successful commercial games in the AI Summit, Monday and Tuesday, March 19-20, 2018. Join top game AI programmers for panels and lectures, in addition to conversations, debates, and rants on how game AI can move forward. Organized as a collective effort by the AI Game Programmers Guild, the summit is targeted to intermediate to advanced programmers who want deeper insight, but anyone interested in what AI can offer next generation games will gain invaluable insights.

2017 Highlighted Sessions (M-T)

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Beyond Framerate: Taming Your Timeslice Through Asynchrony
Ben Sunshine-Hill (Havok)
While Moore's Law continues to faithfully bestow more processing power on us, the demand for increasingly more complex game systems continues to leave little time for extended AI processing. Unfortunately, exceeding the AI's designated time slice by even a small amount can lower a game's framerate, rendering many potentially useful AI techniques impractical. This talk describes how to implement an asynchronous task processing system which can smooth CPU spikes, leverage idle cores, and guarantee an exact processing time limit for their AI step allowing programmers to still use complex and long-running AI computation in a real-time video game without compromising simulation quality.

AI Summit Advisors

Aleissia Laidacker
Magic Leap
Aleissia is a game programmer and designer who has been working as a developer for 16 years and developing games at Ubisoft for 10 of them. She was Lead AI on multiple 'Assassin's Creed' games. Her passion for design has pushed her teams to think about why they are developing their games rather than just how they develop them. She empowers her teams to think outside of the box through game jams and experimentation. Recently she has made the jump from video games to mixed reality, joining Magic Leap as Interaction Director for their new San Francisco office. There, her team focuses on finding new and innovative ways to create rich immersive experiences focused on player interaction and narrative.
Dave Mark
Intrinsic Algorithm
Dave is the president and lead designer of Intrinsic Algorithm, an independent game development studio in Omaha, Nebraska. He does consulting on AI, game design, and mathematical modeling for clients ranging from small indie game studios to AAA companies including EA, Sony Online Entertainment, and ArenaNet.
Dave is the author of the book "Behavioral Mathematics for Game AI" and is a contributor to the "AI Game Programming Wisdom", "Game Programming Gems", and "Game AI Pro" book series. He has also spoken at numerous game conferences and universities around the world on the subjects of AI, game theory, and psychology of games.
He is a founding member of the AI Game Programmers Guild and has been a co-advisor for the previous AI Summits at GDC.
Dave continues to further his education by attending the University of Life. He has no plans to graduate any time soon.
Steve Rabin
DigiPen Institute of Technology
Steve has been a principal figure in the game AI community for nearly two decades. After working as an AI engineer at several Seattle startups, he managed and edited seven game AI books including the recent "Game AI Pro" series and the "AI Game Programming Wisdom" series. He also edited the book "Introduction to Game Development" and has over two dozen articles published in the "Game Programming Gems" series. He's been an invited keynote speaker at several AI conferences, founded the AI Game Programmers Guild in 2008, and founded the GDC AI Summit in 2009. Steve has taught game AI since 2006 at the DigiPen Institute of Technology and has over a dozen issued patents covering profiler analysis, augmented reality, and gesture recognition. He earned a B.S. in computer engineering and an M.S. in computer science, both from the University of Washington.

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