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The Business, Marketing & Management Track seeks to educate and inform developers about the business of game development and ways in which their business can be improved.

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The Past, Present and Future for League of Legends Esports
Dustin Beck (Riot Games)
What does it take to run a successful eSport? Dustin Beck, VP of esports, Riot Games, will take a look at Riot Games' evolution through five seasons of League of Legends eSports, the choices that led to greater investment in the future of eSports and the lessons that were learned along the way.
Effective Testing for Free-to-Play Games
Emily Greer (Kongregate)
Mobile games have become increasingly high-stakes over the past few years. Successful games make billions, but most games launch to failure, and few get a second chance from either platforms or players. Most developers test their games in various ways, from individual playtest sessions to geo-locked launches in Canada and Australia. Many games still launch with poor retention, monetization, tech problems, or some combination of the three. What's going wrong?

Kongregate has now put more than 20 games through test markets, learning valuable lessons along the way. This talk will be a pragmatic guide to creating a test strategy, taking into account budget and schedule along with the benefits and pitfalls of various methods and the psychological traps that teams fall into as they evaluate results. The talk will be illustrated by case studies and metrics from Kongregate's portfolio including AdVenture Capitalist, Global Assault, Spellstone, Raid Brigade and more.