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The Business, Marketing & Management Track seeks to educate and inform developers about the business of game development and ways in which their business can be improved.

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My Year at OUYA: The Ups, Downs and Future of a New Content Platform
Kellee Santiago (OUYA, Inc.)
At GDC 2014, it will have been almost exactly one year since the very first OUYA units shipped - at the time, to the original Kickstarter backers - followed by the retail launch in June. In this talk, Kellee Santiago will discuss the lessons learned in building a new game developer ecosystem from the ground up. Because of Kellee's background in game development, working on "the other side" has given her a unique perspective on seeing the challenges a console manufacturer and publisher faces, what defines success for both parties, and why the "right" path isn't always obvious. This talk will give the game development community a look into the thinking behind the decisions, the successes, and the missteps of operating a new game publishing portal on a hardware product.
Jackpot Slots and Live-Ops: A Postmortem on How We Got to #1
Alex Rosen (GREE International)
Jackpot Slots and Live-Ops: A Postmortem on How We Got to #1 will take attendees on a tour through a successful social casino launch on Android. Alex will first discuss the background of Jackpot Slots - our launch strategy to move up the free, and then top grossing, charts. He'll then discuss the major new features and live operations tactics that increased downloads, engagement and monetization. Finally, Alex will go through our A/B testing strategy, citing specific A/B tests and their effects on the game. The presentation will feature a lot of real data from the game that will help people benchmark their own games and understand what they can do to improve them.
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