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Gain insight into game industry trends, identify business opportunities and network with platforms and developers to explore potential partnerships. Learn the latest approaches to marketing games including user acquisition, community building, and tips to secure coverage from press, streamers, and influencers. View all Business & Marketing sessions.

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Community Snowballing in 'PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds': From Pre-Alpha to 20 Million and Counting in Early Access
Sammie Kang (Bluehole, Inc.)
'PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds' became the 2nd most watched game on Twitch in August, only four months after its launch on Steam Early Access on March 23rd, 2017. Many people wondered how it came out of nowhere and became a Twitch sensation. In this talk, the lead community manager of PUBG will be covering how PUBG began interacting with a small community since its pre-alpha test, and what community activities and programs were executed to drive growth of the community during its first and second alpha test until Early Access.
'Good Pizza, Great Pizza': Game Design, Iteration, and Business Lessons Learned
Anthony Lai (TapBlaze)
Designing, developing and publishing a game is a challenging task in today's mobile market. It is even more difficult for self-funded game studios and independent game developers when deciding between making a game they are passionate about versus a game for financial success. In this talk, speaker Anthony Lai will show that the two do not have to be mutually exclusive. The developers of 'Good Pizza, Great Pizza' will show what they did to take their game from 3,000 daily active users to over 60,000 day active users in a span of a year, organically with no paid user acquisition. Examples showing game design changes and how iteration led to the game's success after one year will be highlighted. In addition, this talk will discuss developing a game under significant resource constraints and overall lessons learned from programming, localization, monetization and marketing.
Data-Driven or Data-Blinded? Uses and Abuses of Analytics in Games
Emily Greer (Kongregate)
In the last decade of data analysis, A/B testing and predictive modeling have transitioned from an afterthought to a given in the game industry. Data can be invaluable in understanding the player and making decisions, but it can just as easily lead the industry astray, or worse, narrow the way we think. When you should you be driven by data, and when should you let your imagination roam free? This session will expose common mistakes and pitfalls, both technical and emotional, as well as provide practical guidance on how to improve the rigorousness of your tests and the quality of your data, and how to make sure you don't lose the forest for the trees.
The Importance of VIP in Free-to-Play
Nick van Vugt (Uken Games)
VIP systems are incredibly important in the free-to-play market and not many companies are using them. With so many players having contributed financially to your title, it is critical to recognize and reward these players as a necessary recourse in sustaining and retaining player relations. In this talk, Nick will discuss the key takeaways from the first year of implementation and execution of a VIP system from scratch into Uken's largest active title: 'Bingo Pop'. Topics of discussion will include shortcomings and failures of the system, pain points along the way, as well as successes and major wins for the company as a whole.

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