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Community Management Summit

Learn how to inspire, build and maintain user loyalty and enthusiasm through the ups and downs of community opinion and adoption in the Community Management Summit on Tuesday, March 20, 2018. Hear industry experts share case studies and postmortems on cutting edge community management strategies and learn tips to align your community's needs and interests with your company's goals. Search for all Community Management sessions and view sponsorship opportunities, and register for an All Access or Summits pass to attend.

2017 Highlighted Sessions

S***'s on Fire!: A Cautionary Tale in Community Crisis Management
Emma Siu (Electronic Arts / Firemonkeys)
A personal account on handling crisis at product launch and managing live issues within communities. A story of pizza, empathy, and community management. This tale will explore the importance of wise handling of difficult circumstances, how it can and does inspire trust and long-term player commitment, as well as how from chaos, something amazing and fulfilling can arise.
Closing Down Game Communities: How to Plan a Dignified Breakup
Chloe Swain (Lionbridge Game Services)
The care and planning you put into shutting down your game's community will directly affect the legacy of the game and that of your overall brand. In this presentation, Chloe will explain best practices that will ensure your community walks away feeling they've been treated with respect and gives them the best goodbye possible. Chloe will walk you through how to lay the groundwork with a solid schedule and messaging plan so that you and your community can part ways on good terms. That way, when you run into each other again, you can both feel good about it.

Community Management Summit Advisors

Troy Hewitt
uGen World
In the business of community building for two decades, Troy's passion for uniting people began during his 7 years as the community connections director for the YMCA. An avid gamer, he transitioned to the digital world where he's served as director of communications for Motiga, producer and director of community at NCSOFT's Carbine Studios, at Flying Lab Software, and online community events manager for Monolith/Warner Brothers. Troy is now co-founder and director of communications and connections at the new startup, uGen World.
Saralyn Smith
Blizzard Entertainment
Saralyn Smith leads global community development at Blizzard Entertainment. She served on support teams for Blizzard titles including 'Overwatch'; 'World of Warcraft: Mists of Panderia', 'Warlords of Draenor', and 'Legion'; 'Hearthstone'; 'StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm' and 'Legacy of the Void'; 'Diablo III' and the expansion 'Reaper of Souls'. Over the last decade she has led teams dedicated to community relationship management, digital content and new media, grassroots marketing, customer social support and self-service, and now community development. Saralyn grew up on the East Coast and has a master's degree in organizational behavior from the University of Hartford in Connecticut. She also played beach volleyball professionally for nine years and loves discussing the intersection of traditional sports and competitive gaming.

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