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Advanced Graphics Techniques Tutorial

Brought to you as a collaboration of the industry's leading hardware and software vendors, this day-long tutorial provides professional insight on how to create cutting-edge game graphics on the PC platform. Special emphasis is placed on advanced graphics techniques that use modern low-level APIs to produce stunning visuals and achieve speed-of-light performance on contemporary GPUs. These will be delivered by NVIDIA's and AMD's demo and developer technology teams as well as some of the top game developers who ship major games into the marketplace. In addition to illustrating the details of rendering advanced real-time visual effects, this tutorial will cover a series of vendor-neutral optimizations that developers need to keep in mind when designing their engines and shaders.

The Advanced Graphics Techniques Tutorial takes place on Monday, March 19, 2018. Seating is on a first-come, first-served basis.

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Advanced Graphics Tech: "D3D12 and Vulkan Done Right" & "Wave Programming in D3D12 and Vulkan"
Gareth Thomas (AMD)
David Lively (AMD)
Holger Gruen (NVIDIA)
"D3D12 and Vulkan Done Right": Gareth Thomas (AMD) will discuss how with great power comes great responsibility and it is down to the game developer to feed the GPU correctly on explicit APIs. This talk focuses on key areas which AMD and NVIDIA have both found to require careful consideration.
Advanced Graphics Tech: How to Thrive on the Bleeding Edge Whilst Avoiding Death by 1,000 Paper Cuts
Jurjen Katsman (Nixxes)
A DirectX 12 development story told by Jurjen Katsman CEO of Nixxes, PC developers of AAA games 'Deus Ex: Mankind Divided' and 'Rise of the Tomb Raider'. During this talk, Jurjen will share the expectations set, challenges faced and lessons learned by his teams during their vast experience with DirectX 12 development.

Advanced Graphics Techniques Tutorial Organizers

Andrei Tatarinov
Andrei Tatarinov
Andrei Tatarinov is a Senior Developer Technology Engineer at NVIDIA. With over 10 years of experience at NVIDIA, Andrei finds passion in bringing the most advanced and performant graphics effects to video games. Andrei also focuses on optimizing performance of the video games for NVIDIA GPUs and making sure the future generations of GPUs serve game developers' needs.

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