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Advanced Graphics Techniques Tutorial

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Brought to you as a collaboration of the industry's leading hardware and software vendors, this day-long tutorial provides professional insight on how to create cutting-edge game graphics on the PC platform. Special emphasis is placed on advanced graphics techniques that use modern low-level APIs to produce stunning visuals and achieve speed-of-light performance on contemporary GPUs. These will be delivered by NVIDIA's and AMD's demo and developer technology teams as well as some of the top game developers who ship major games into the marketplace. In addition to illustrating the details of rendering advanced real-time visual effects, this tutorial will cover a series of vendor-neutral optimizations that developers need to keep in mind when designing their engines and shaders.

The Advanced Graphics Techniques Tutorial takes place on Monday, March 19, 2018. Seating is on a first-come, first-served basis.

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Advanced Graphics Techniques Tutorial: "New Techniques for Accurate Real-Time Reflections" & "Memory Management in Vulkan and DX12"
Max McMullen (Microsoft)
Maksim Aizenshtein (Futuremark)
Adam Sawicki (AMD)
This session presents two 30-minute lectures, New Techniques for Accurate Real-Time Reflections and Memory Management in Vulkan and DX12.

New Techniques for Accurate Real-Time Reflections (Max McMullen, Microsoft & Maksim Aizenshtein, Futuremark)
In this session, developers from Microsoft and Futuremark (3DMark, PCMark, VRMark) will present an algorithm for rendering accurate reflections in real-time using new Microsoft graphics technology that will be announced at GDC. Improving on existing methods, the algorithm produces perspective-correct reflections in real-time without the need for unintuitive adjustments to captures. Nor is it limited to certain types of geometry. By attending this talk featuring detailed explanations and practical demonstrations, you'll learn how to implement this exciting technique in your own graphics engine.

Memory Management in Vulkan and DX12 (Adam Sawicki, AMD)
Join this session to get an overview of the challenges that new explicit graphics APIs (Vulkan and Direct3D 12) create for game developers in terms of memory management. You will learn good practices and common patterns that you can apply in your code in order to use GPU memory efficiently, as well as more advanced tips and tricks related to the topic. You will also learn what libraries are available to help you with this task.
Advanced Graphics Techniques Tutorial: GPU-Based Clay Simulation and Ray-Tracing Tech in 'Claybook'
Sebastian Aaltonen (Second Order)
Second Order is a new Finnish indie game company formed by two ex-Ubisoft industry veterans. Their first game, Claybook, packs lots of innovative technology, including a GPU-based clay and fluid simulator, fully deformable world and characters, signed distance field modelling, and ray traced visuals. Sebastian will discuss how this technology was created, what kind of optimizations and tricks were needed to hit 60fps with the game's ray traced visuals and simulation on current generation consoles, and how their non-standard renderer and simulation technology was integrated on top of Unreal Engine 4.
Advanced Graphics Techniques Tutorial: The Latest Graphics Technology in Remedy's Northlight Engine
Tatu Aalto (Remedy Entertainment)
In this session, Tatu will discuss the in-engine implementation and results of some recent advances in rendering technology in Remedy's Northlight engine.
Advanced Graphics Techniques Tutorial: Water Rendering in 'Far Cry 5'
Branislav Grujic (Ubisoft Toronto)
Cristian Cutocheras (AMD)
The 'Far Cry' game series has always featured incredible looking water as a key rendering and gameplay feature, and 'Far Cry 5' is no exception. This session will cover the 'Far Cry' team's all-new water system that applies to a number of new water materials that allow the artists to create realistic water-based physical features such as waterfalls and lakes. It will share how different water systems can be composited, performance is scaleable with the number of water pixels, it supports tessellation, and the water lighting system is evaluated and composited in a single compute pass. This talk will describe the main innovations, technical implementation and performance optimization.

Advanced Graphics Techniques Tutorial Organizers

Andrei Tatarinov
Andrei Tatarinov
Andrei Tatarinov is a Senior Developer Technology Engineer at NVIDIA. With over 10 years of experience at NVIDIA, Andrei finds passion in bringing the most advanced and performant graphics effects to video games. Andrei also focuses on optimizing performance of the video games for NVIDIA GPUs and making sure the future generations of GPUs serve game developers' needs.

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