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GDC Conference Overview

GDC 2018 brings you five days of expert-led education on eight key game development topics, in addition to the popular Classic Game Postmortem series. Gain insight into the future of games, be inspired by new techniques and creative approaches, and define market innovation with the global game development community at GDC.

GDC Conference Tracks

Game Design Track logo


Get ideas for new games, tips to push your project forward, and learn how to create compelling interactions and design great games.
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Programming Track logo


Learn the latest tools, middleware, and technical skills to develop games across platforms and solve difficult development problems.
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Business & Management Track logo

Business & Marketing

Gain insight into game industry trends, identity business opportunities & partners, and learn new strategies for marketing games.
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Production Track logo

Production & Team Management

Learn tactics for managing game production, from massive budget AAA console games to emerging platforms with new challenges.
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Visual Arts Track logo

Visual Arts

Be inspired by leading artists' work from stellar concept art to post-production and learn about the process behind the work.
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Audio Track logo


Share knowledge and top game audio professionals addressing audio's unique aesthetic, technical, business, and logistical problems.
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Vision Track logo


Be inspired by amazing work outside of games that feeds back into game innovation and the future of the industry.
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Advocacy Track logo


Address topics ranging from diversity to censorship to quality of life within the realm of social advocacy in the game industry.
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