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Programming Track Conference Highlights (W-F)

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The Asset Build System of 'FarCry5'
Remi Quenin (Ubisoft Montreal)
The massive open world of FarCry5 breaks all records when it comes to the amount of data it requires. Any system that has to deal with such a load needs to be carefully crafted. This talks will present the architecture of Ubisoft Montreals data pipeline, from edition to optimized runtime asset, with a main focus on the part performing the transformation: the asset build system. Ubisoft Montreals Engine Architect, Remi Quenin will dive into implementation details of its dependency graph which provides minimal incremental builds, its massively parallel graph evaluation process, and its additional performance features such as distribution, caching, process isolation, and environment isolation for third party software distribution and parallelization. Hell show how the system performs on the over-10-million-nodes dependency graph of FarCry5.

Related Summits & Tutorials (M-T)

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AI Summit (M-T)
Take an inside look at key architectures and issues within successful commercial games in the AI Summit, Monday and Tuesday, March 19-20, 2018. Join top game AI programmers for panels and lectures, in addition to conversations, debates, and rants on how game AI can move forward. Organized as a collective effort by the AI Game Programmers Guild, the summit is targeted to intermediate to advanced programmers who want deeper insight, but anyone interested in what AI can offer next generation games will gain invaluable insights.
Math for Game Programmers (M)
As gamers and gaming platforms continue to evolve and diversify, so has the complexity and variety of problems facing the modern game programmer. Creating the latest code for graphics, gameplay, animation, physical simulation, and artificial intelligence requires thorough knowledge of the necessary mathematical underpinnings.

This tutorial continues the tradition of the "Math for Programmers" tutorial by bringing together some of the best presenters in gaming math to concentrate on the mathematics essential for creating unique and sophisticated graphics, plausible interactive physical simulations, and interesting and nuanced gameplay. The day will focus on the issues of game development important to programmers and includes programming context and guidance throughout. This year's topics include random generation and manipulation, ratings systems, neural networks, ballistic projectiles, N-way quaternion interpolation, fast convex hull construction, mesh cutting and deformation, and procedural texture coordinate generation.
Advanced Agile Game Development (M)
Agile practices are no longer considered experimental, but mainstream, yet many still struggle with them. In this workshop you will learn and share the successful practices and techniques that agile studios have created over the past decade of it's application.

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