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|    Visual Arts

The Visual Arts Track strives to educate artists and technical artists about methods for producing game art and animations; from stellar concept art techniques to post production best practices.

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Order from Chaos: The Art Direction of Sunset Overdrive
Jacinda Chew (Insomniac Games)
Most stylized games take their art direction from a single concept artist or art director with a strong personal style. Sunset Overdrive started out as a patchwork of dynamic yet disparate ideas that had to be pulled together into a cohesive style. This lecture will be an honest look at the production realities of creating the look for a new stylized IP with unusual beginnings. Follow the challenges that character, environment and rendering styles faced during pre-production and how they were solved along the way. Attendees will learn how gameplay, technology and tone ultimately drove the aesthetic decisions, and walk away with a better understanding of Sunset Overdrive's unique look and attitude.