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|    Visual Arts

Please note: this information refers to GDC 2015, check back for updates.

The Visual Arts Track strives to educate artists and technical artists about methods for producing game art and animations; from stellar concept art techniques to post production best practices.

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Order from Chaos: The Art Direction of Sunset Overdrive
Jacinda Chew (Insomniac Games)
Most stylized games take their art direction from a single concept artist or art director with a strong personal style. Sunset Overdrive started out as a patchwork of dynamic yet disparate ideas that had to be pulled together into a cohesive style. This lecture will be an honest look at the production realities of creating the look for a new stylized IP with unusual beginnings. Follow the challenges that character, environment and rendering styles faced during pre-production and how they were solved along the way. Attendees will learn how gameplay, technology and tone ultimately drove the aesthetic decisions, and walk away with a better understanding of Sunset Overdrive's unique look and attitude.
Blurring Separation Between Concept and Production on Halo 2 Anniversary
Michael Pavlovich (Certain Affinity)
With artist friendly tools like ZBrush in conjunction with dDo, Substance Designer, Substance Painter, Marmoset, Octane and 3DO, 3D concept models can go from an idea to in-game within the same day, with a level of fidelity high enough to answer questions about silhouette, proportions, size, lighting, material properties, textures, wear and tear, and even possible animation shortcomings in the model. The good news is that with consistent production practices, rapid iteration of massive amounts of variations are possible with just the push of a button. We will include the entire process of a set of Halo 2 Anniversary Spartan armor, among others.
Player Choice of Gender and Body Type in Sunset Overdrive
Adalbert Kinsey (Insomniac Games)
This talk covers the technical side of giving the player a choice of gender and body type in Sunset Overdrive, a traversal action game. Sunset Overdrive is about player choice: choose your gender, choose your race, choose your body type (are you skinny or are you big, are you short or are you tall with broad shoulders?) choose your face, choose your get-up and off you go on a path of your choice. This session focuses on the systems and tools Insomniac Games developed to give the player full control over who they are in the game. The talk will concentrate on practical know-how of what systems need to be in place, and what production methods lead to success while avoiding costly pitfalls.
The Art of Monument Valley
Ken Wong (ustwo)
Monument Valley's award-winning visuals were critical to its success. The game's puzzles, based on optical illusions and impossible geometry required combining artistic and technical creativity. Influences as wide ranging as M.C. Escher, Middle Eastern architecture, Japanese flower arrangements and low-poly 3D art contributed to the unique art style. More than skin deep, the visuals were deeply integrated with the gameplay, story and design themes, creating a rich, accessible and highly intuitive experience.