GDC 2017 | February 27 — March 3, 2017 | Moscone Convention Center | San Francisco, California



GDC Play returns as a unique opportunity for emerging developers to showcase their games to fellow GDC attendees.

Showcase Games

Inspired by the success of the Independent Games Festival Pavilion at GDC, GDC Play will include space in special Pavilions themed around emerging game markets, allowing exhibitors to display their games to key distributors, publishers, press and investors in attendance. GDC Play Pavilions for social & online, smartphone & tablet, and independent games will all be located within a dedicated room and include a networking lounge with seating areas for more in-depth meetings.

When signing up for GDC Play, which is open to a range of emerging developers showcasing playable games, game creators will be given a standalone tabletop with a monitor, keyboard, speakers and Internet connection, as applicable. This makes it an incredibly simple, low-cost opportunity to exhibit titles to prospective business partners, investors and the press.

Best in Play

Returning in 2017, Best in Play is a showcase of GDC Play's finest games. All GDC Play exhibitors will be judged on their in-development or complete games by a panel of veteran GDC organizers and Gamasutra editors. Eight participating games will be selected and announced as 'Best in Play' winners prior to GDC. Winners will be announced mid-February and receive two All-Access passes to GDC 2017. Special 'Best in Play' designations will be attached to the honorees' GDC Play tabletops at GDC 2017, where their games will be playable to all GDC attendees.


GDC Play participants have access to the official GDC Business Matchmaking software--the catalyst for business at GDC. Request and receive meetings from major publishers and exhibitors at
the event.

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A sample of organizations you can schedule meetings with via GDC's Matchmaking Software...

Over 70 Publishers, Investors, and Agents including:
6waves, Activision/Blizzard, Microsoft, Nintendo of America, Tapjoy, Umbra

Over 300 GDC Exhibitors and sponsors including:
Epic, Autodesk, IBM,Verizon, Nintendo, Tencent, Oculus, Amazon, Twitch, Snap Inc., Samsung

See the full exhibitor list.

Largest number of International Governments and Organizations exhibiting at GDC and GDC Play, including:
Italian Trade Agency
Pro Colombia USA
Pro Mexico
Norwegian Producers association
Government of Canada

GDC Play

GDC 2017
February 27 - March 3, 2017
Moscone Convention Center
GDC Play Sponsorship Opportunities
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