GDC adds Game Developer magazine EIC Miller as Online Community Director

Game Developers Conference organizers UBM Tech have announced that outgoing Game Developer magazine Editor-in-Chief Patrick Miller will be moving to a new role as Director of Online Community for the GDC and ADC events, effective July 1st.
This move will reinforce the Game Developer Conferences year-round role in delivering the best quality content to video game professionals. Miller will oversee the online presence of Game Developers Conference from a community-centric editorial perspective.
His work will expand the current event news pages ( to include more in-depth content reveals and detailed interviews and analysis with GDC speakers and advisory board members.
The site will also unveil fresh video and audio highlights from previous shows available via GDC Vault, linking today’s major trends to pioneering talks recorded over almost 20 years.
He will also spool up new interactions with the community via the website and social media, allowing a two-way conversation about today’s big game industry issues before and after the four worldwide Game Developers Conference shows (as well as the soon-to-launch App Developers Conference). Miller will also enable the community to pass along information to GDC and ADC’s market-leading advisory boards in order to shape future shows.
Alongside this transition, Miller – who will oversee longterm contributor John Polson in his GDC work – will also become a Contributing Editor to sister site, where he will also post much of his GDC-related news and analysis, and create select Gamasutra-exclusive stories on the art and business of games.