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VRDC 2018 Content. VRDC 2019 coming soon.

Want to submit a proposal to VRDC? Submit here by October 5th, 2018 at 11:59pm PT.

Learn to create amazing, immersive VR and AR experiences for games and entertainment at [email protected], Monday and Tuesday March 19-20, 2018. Be inspired, learn from experts, and share best practices to create amazing, immersive augmented and virtual reality experiences for game and non-game entertainment. View all [email protected] sessions and register for an All Access Pass or add VRDC to your GDC conference pass to attend.

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Game VR/AR Track

Learn about virtual reality and augmented reality in game development across disciplines including Design, Production, Programming, and Visual Art. Be inspired by interesting and current work happening in VR and AR game development with valuable, actionable, and inspiring takeaways.
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Entertainment VR/AR Track

Hear from experts developing immersive VR or AR experiences that go beyond games. Learn about VR and AR application design, implementation, and development across entertainment industries including games, travel, retail, fitness, product design, journalism, and sports.
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[email protected] Table Top Sponsors

Xbox brings together the greatest games and the people who love to play them, with extraordinary gaming experiences on console, PC, and mobile devices.


UNLTD is an innovative virtual and augmented reality production studio at the forefront of design and creation of high-end virtual, augmented and mixed reality experiences. At UNLTD, we offer branded and original VR/360/AR content for immersive and interactive media including films, series, apps, games and advertising.


Blueprint Reality Inc. is an inter-reality communications company that creates tools and applications for AR and VR. Our MixCast™ content creation platform changes how AR and VR are broadcast to the world using mixed reality. MixCast enables people to easily show and share their virtual experiences.


OpenXR is a royalty-free, cross-platform VR and AR standard from Khronos Group that solves industry fragmentation and encourages innovation by enabling a rich diversity of implementation differentiation between vendors. OpenXR aims to accelerate market growth and user adoption for new applications and devices.


Anzu is an in-game SSP focused on VR and 3D space. It offers a new 3D monetization channel helping to enrich existing 2D ad strategies. Its technology enables to introduce fully-blended ads on top of 3D game objects and make the setting more realistic, enhance user experience, and boost revenues.



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