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Why should I go to GDC?

GDC is the game industry's premier professional event, championing game developers and the advancement of their craft. Join us for the week and leave with practical takeaways to apply to your career as a game dev!

  • Connect with game dev friends (and reconnect with old ones!)
  • Learn how other game developers make great games
  • Gain insight into running a successful game dev business
  • Build your game dev career
  • Celebrate the accomplishments of your peers
  • Get inspired!

Who should go to GDC?

Game programmers

Find out how fellow game programmers solved some of their most difficult - and most fascinating - problems. From AI and math to in-depth technical talks, GDC is where expert game programmers share their invaluable knowledge, directly with you.

Learn more about game programming at GDC

Game designers

Refining interactivity, implementing narrative, and shaping player experiences are just a few of the areas covered by GDC's game design offerings. Learn practical ways to build systems and mechanics that turn your concepts into actual gameplay.

Learn more about game design at GDC

Business and marketing professionals

The video game market is tough as ever to navigate, and we're here to help you find your audience, and find success. Come to GDC and take home practical ways to find your audience, nurture your business, and forge new partnerships so you can meet market challenges head-on.

Learn more about business and marketing at GDC

Producers and team/studio managers

Whether a project is big or small, solid production practices are essential in order to keep a game on track. At GDC you'll learn soft skills that help you manage teams and studios, along with project management skills that keep games on time, on budget, and at the highest quality.

Learn more about production and management at GDC

Visual artists

Learn from leading artists with a wide variety of art styles and concepts, and explore the inspiration and process behind their work. Bring home methods to create quality art and animations for all kinds of games under tight deadlines; from stellar concept art techniques to post-production best practices and everything in between.

Learn more about visual arts at GDC

Sound designers, engineers, and composers

Interactivity presents sound designers and engineers with a unique set of problems in game dev. Learn how other sound designers are finding ways to solve aesthetic, technical, business, and logistical problems specific to this craft.

Learn more about game audio at GDC

Virtual and augmented reality creators

Virtual and augmented reality creators are at the forefront of visual computing and a new generation of interactivity. Find out how other AR/VR/MR devs are tackling the technical and business challenges of this cutting edge technology.

Learn more about AR/VR/MR at GDC

Vendor companies and sponsors

Hardware, software, middleware, and service vendors and sponsors will connect with the 29,000 attendees that participate in GDC over three days. Showcase your company's products, services, and innovations.

Learn more about exhibiting opportunities at GDC

Career seekers and recruiters

We'll provide the means for career seekers and recruiters to connect with one another. Those seeking new careers or looking to develop their current ones will find GDC's Game Career Seminar invaluable. Recruiters will have access to some of the best talent in the game industry.




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